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  1. Hi i have never used the erythritol before and i could only buy it with the organic stevia in australia so i wanted to try this and as a diabetic i don’t like things too sweet so i just made a glass of sprite, but using only 2 teaspoons of the stevia with the erythritol and tasted good enough for me. thank you for your recepie

  2. Just made three ingredient version. It really does taste like Sprite. My daughter has never had soda so I shared a cup with her and she loved it as well!

  3. This is perfect! Even my girl’s (11 & 13) liked it. They even said it was BETTER than Sprite! I used powdered xylitol because it’s what I had on hand. I will make this often!! Thank you!❤

    • Seltzer usually doesn’t contain minerals, but it works in this recipe. For example club soda has some minerals.

  4. WOW! I just tried this and it is SO good!! Thank you so much or sharing! 🙂 YUM! Now I’m going to try your other flavored drinks!!!

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