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    • I expect coconut oil turns into tiny lumps, MCT oil would be better — but I still would consume my fat separately 🙂

  1. By the way your recipe for lemonade slushie, sounds delicious I’m going to try it. As a matter of fact I think I’ll even use the lemons with terrifying chemicals, LOL.

    • You are absolutely free to use the lemons with chemicals. Maybe at some point you might want to do some research on those, but for now, let’s hope the chemicals just pass your system without doing any harm! Well, maybe you at least wash the lemons first. You never know if some animal peed or pooped on them. I bet you wouldn’t like to consume those chemicals 🙂

  2. I would like to see the research that your comment is based on,in regards to “terrifying pesticides” used on lemons. The whole organic thing is just another way to separate the consumer from their money, you most likely have more “terrifying” chemicals under your kitchen sink, than what is put on any citrus. No I am not a lemon grower, nor am I affiliated in any way with one. I would just like people to be a bit more responsible with statements such as yours.

  3. Fantastic creation! Lemon peel and pith packs so many antioxidants and vitamins! Lemon peels contain as much as 5 to -10 times more calcium, magnesium, and potassium than the juice itself.

    And, for sure – low carb/keto has made my palate really adore the contrast of lemon juice. The alkalinizing power of lemons is very refreshing, and this slushy lemonade is a perfect easy sorbet-in-a-glass. Thank youuuuu!

    • Hi MC, thanks for the great info! Using the whole fruit makes also less waste — would be pity to throw all those precious nutrients in the bin!

  4. Ever tried water kefir? The kefir grains eat sugar you remove them put fruit in the sugar from the fruit gets eaten in the second ferment and results in a good bacteria fizzy drink which makes the best lemon aid I have ever had, I do cola anything really! I had a look at your other recipes all of them could easily be converted!

    • Hi Claudia, wow, that sounds great! I have to give it a try. Kefir indeed is great for the gut and it sounds delicious, too 🙂

  5. Very nice! I’m going to try it. 2 questions: Are you supposed to eat the whole lemon, rind and all? #2 is erythritol your sweetener of choice, and why (I guess that’s 3?) Thanks as always.

    • Hey Kev, yes, the whole lemon goes there and even I was very suspicious when creating the recipe, it tastes great! Not bitter at all but wonderfully fruity. I prefer powdered erythritol because it dissolves well and tastes more neutral than, let’s say, stevia. You can of course use your favorite sweetener. Let me know how you like it if you try it out!

      • I like the flavor profile of using stevia glycerite with erythritol. Its more sugar-like tasting. So I’ll add about 1/2-1t stevia glycerite to this and decrease the erythritol (not sure, but probably to 2/3-3/4c).
        Im trying this slushie soon!

        • Hi Hélène, it’s a great idea to combine different sweeteners for the best taste. Hope you’ll like it!

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