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  1. You could add some cream of tartar to the egg whites to help stabilize them. Adding a small amount of cream of tartar when you’re beating egg whites—usually 1/8 teaspoon per egg white—speeds up the creation of foam and helps stabilize the structure of those miniscule air bubbles you’re whipping up.

    • Hi Pattie, actually, I was thinking of adding cream of tartar, but in the end I was happy with the texture of the beaten egg whites and wanted to keep it simple. But yes, you’re right, you can add some to stabilize the structure even more.

      • Hi my question as you’ve read it must have sounded stupid! What I meant to say was could the cloud recipe be made with less eggs or does it have to be with 6?

        • Hi, sorry, I think I got what you meant, but obviously I wasn’t capable of explaining it! I just wanted to say that no, it doesn’t have to be 6 eggs, you can use any amount of eggs you want. Just use double amount of bacon slices, so 2 slices of bacon per egg. For example, if you take 4 eggs, just separate them and beat the egg whites until stiff. Take the beaten egg whites and make 4 mounds with wells, place 2 bacon slices into each well (so you need altogether 8 fried bacon slices) and 1 yolk per egg white mound. Hope this helps!

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