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  1. Great idea to create something satisfying with a non-melting cheese. However, the idea of putting a salty meat with Halloumi seems to me like it might be too salty to bear (and I am a salt-lover, who will put salt on things that other people don’t salt). In recent years, I have quit getting Halloumi because of the saltiness (perhaps varieties available to you are less salty).

    An option to consider would be less-salty Panela, which is easy to find in the “Mexican cheese section” of grocery stores and even Costco (in southern California). Sometimes when I want just a bite of comfort food to eat, I will quickly fry a slice of panela in a skillet, which is very satisfying. It also is a good additive to breakfast. (If there is more than one brand to choose from, I’ll pick the brand with the lowest amount of sodium).

    I still have to try some of the other cheeses mentioned in the grilling cheese article you linked to, thanks — items labeled “grilling cheese” do pop up from time to time in the stores here.

    Your postings have been very helpful to me, and your systematic experimental approach is very appreciated, along with your very useful emphasis on recipes which are not overly-complex, thank you. For example, you inspired me to do some experiments with basic keto buns, and with this approach I discovered which texture modifiers had flavors which I did not like (ground psyllium, and gluten flour).

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