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  1. I made these (twice now) using a combination of natvia and xylitol, so they probably ended up a little more crumbly – but they actually do have a nice delicate crunch! I also added some chopped roast walnuts. Thanks this recipe is a keeper.

  2. I kept the amount of cocoa powder, butter and erythritol the same, but decreased the amount of whey protein from 1/3 cup (80 ml) to 1/4 cup (60 ml). ** I also increased the amount of almond flour to 4 oz (115 g).** Previously I had used 3 oz (85 g). Now I was finally really satisfied with the recipe. So was my family. All in all, I was happy with the crunchy texture of the cookies, the flavor just needed some fine-tuning in the end.

    Reading this paragraph is hard for me to put with the recipe that calls for 1 CUP of Almond flour. Did the Recipe end up with 1 Cup or should it only be 4oz?

    • Hi Dana, thanks for trying out and tuning the recipe! I have to try with those measurements as well. Usually 1 cup almond flour weighs 4 oz (115 g), that’s what I have used when developing the recipe. Fine-textured almond flour weighs more per cup, but this recipe uses more coarse almond flour, like Bob’s Red Mill.

  3. Just made my first attempt at the choc cookies. I had to add more butter and the mixture was so crumbly that when I was finally able to squeeze them in to balls after adding extra butter I tried flattening one gently with wet fingers and it just collapsed into a crumbled pile. I persevered and they are cooling now. I tried the crumbled one while it was still warm and it tasted quite nice if a little powdery. I had to leave them all in balls which is fine.

    • Hi Natalie and thanks for your comment. I’m sorry to hear that the cookies didn’t turn out as expected. I wonder what could have gone wrong. I guess you used the exact ingredients? Was the almond flour very fine? Sometimes if you use very fine almond flour it requires more fluid — or in this case butter. However, even you added more butter, the cookies didn’t turn out well. I try to think more what could have caused that. I did quite extensive testing when developing this recipe, and I’ll check my notes. Thanks for trying out my recipe anyway!

  4. Hi Elvira, just made a batch of these tonight. They are super, so tasty and easy to make! I only had unsweetened plain whey protein so I added some vanilla extract and some extra stevia. Will definitely make these again. Thanks so much for the recipe!

    • Hi Sarah, and thanks for your comment! So great to hear that the cookies appeal to you! The recipe is easy to vary, so you can play with different flavors!

  5. Awesome! I can’t wait to make these. One question, do you think I could use unflavored whey protein, as that is all I have, in place of the flavored, and add some vanilla extract?
    Thank you!!

    • Hi Sandra! Sure, unflavored whey protein works fine, however I recommend to add some more sweetener like 10-20 drops liquid stevia or simply use 1/3 cup (80 ml) erythritol crystals. Stevia addition might work better since erythritol tends to have its cooling effect if used in big amounts. Hope you like the cookies!

  6. These look delicious!!

    Do you think the whey protein can be replaced by something else? I am not keep on it, too many added ingredients.

    Thanks a lot

    By the way, got your book: Lots of good ideas for the summer!

    • Hi Annita! Thanks! 🙂 I have done similar cookie experiments with plant-based protein (especially rice protein), but I cannot say if that works here, since whey protein tends to make the cookies hold well together. You can try plant-based protein, but just don’t flatten the balls but bake them like that. That should help with the texture and that the cookies hold well together.

      Also pure, unflavored whey protein works well in case you don’t like too much added stuff. Just increase the amount of sweetener a bit.

      Many thanks for getting my book! Btw, if you like, you can leave a review of the book to the Amazon pages. Would be highly appreciated!

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