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  1. Each and every dish focuses on making a balance between three elements – appearance, aroma, and taste.

  2. Hi there, I’ve bought everything to make your delicious cookies, but unfortunately couldn’t find a toffee stevia. Would it be okay to just use normal stevia or perhaps I could add something else to get that toffee flavour in?
    Thank you 🙂

    • Hi, you can order toffee stevia online, for example iHerb delivers worldwide. But no worries if you cannot find toffee stevia, you can use other flavored stevia or just plain unflavored stevia and add maybe a dash or vanilla extract.

  3. Just made a batch…..followed instructions exactly…turned out perfectly! Made 23 small cookies. Wanted to eat them right out of oven but I didn’t give in….waited until completely cooled…..nice little crunch was my reward! Thanks for the delicious recipe….I’ll be making this one over and over.

  4. Just made these yesterday and LOVE THEM! Thank you for a great recipe! I had to freeze the majority of them or I would have eaten them all! o.O
    I didn’t have whey protein powder so I did the extra almond flour and vanilla. They have a great texture and taste!
    I made a triple batch as written, took out one dozen in that flavor, then I divided the dough and added Lily’s stevia sweetened chips to one and to the other I added powdered cinnamon, dried orange peel and DoTerra Wild Orange oil (like 15 drops) We all LOVE the orange- going to do that one again for sure- but they were all really good!
    Next time I will try my egg white protein powder and some cream of tartar with cinnamon- hoping to get a snickerdoodle taste from them! 🙂

    • Hi Amber, thank you so much for your comment, so great to hear you liked the cookies! And thanks for sharing your variations – they sound delicious!

  5. I just made these cookies, took me no time at all, but the hardest part was waiting for them to cool. Hubby loved it. I used coconut oil instead of butter and since I didn’t have toffee stevia i added dash of vanilla and some unsweetened coconut flakes. YUMMY

    • Hi Kasha, thanks for your comment! I’m delighted to hear that you and your hubby liked the cookies. I haven’t tried coconut oil, but it’s great to know that it works as well.

    • Hi, it might be that there is not enough erythritol to hold the cookies together. It’s a bit difficult to say without knowing the exact contents.

  6. Oh my merciful heavens! Thus far I have been avoiding sweets, but just happened across this recipe and am definitely going to have to try them! I am so impressed with the creativity used in these low carb alternatives and am so grateful for all the work you’ve put into testing things. Can hardly wait to try these!

    • A combination of egg-white protein and hemp protein should work (half egg white protein and half hemp protein). At least that works when making bread, but I’m not absolutely sure how it would work in these cookies, however that’s something that I would first try out.

  7. I made these tonight and they were amazing!! Just delicious. I can’t wait to start experimenting with different flavor combos. Thank you for all of your very hard work.

    • Hi Melissa! So wonderful to hear that you like these cookies! I still bake them on a regular basis myself, usually I top them with chocolate. I place a piece of dark chocolate on each hot cookie immediately after removing them from the oven. I wait for 5 minutes that the chocolate is melted. Then I spread it with a knife and let set. My family cannot stop eating the cookies!

  8. I, too, have a major sweet tooth. But I needed to lose some weight to keep my HDL, LDL, Chol, & Trigylcerides within the normal limits. So after a great deal of research, I decided the South Beach Diet was a good way of life. I haven’t been perfect at it, but I did lose about 20 pounds about 2 years ago. I recently got re-energized when I gained over 5 pounds back over the winter months.
    But my sweet tooth is still a problem. So I LOVE your cookie recipe! I just made it last night. I have to restrain myself not to eat too many.

    • Hi Sarah, congrats on your weight loss! So great that you like the cookie recipe! I still bake these cookies on a regular basis, too. Tomorrow my son will have a baking day at the daycare place so I’ll bring some cookie dough for him. Hope you manage to control your sweet tooth, for me it took several years to get rid of the sweet cravings but low-carb dieting helped, hope it helps you too!

  9. Thank you, I will go ahead with the recipe and use ground almonds then, I’ll let you know how they come out 🙂

    Thanks again,


    • Great, you’re welcome! Yes please, let me know how the cookies turned out! Just remember to remove the cookies from the baking sheet after they have cooled down properly, because they are really really fragile when they are hot or warm. Hope you like the recipe!

  10. Hi Elviira,

    I was wondering whether you can tell me if this Almond flour is very finely milled, like normal flour ?

    Here in the UK we can get ground almonds and only almond flour on the internet but looking carefully at your pictures I thought it would work with ground almonds.

    Thanks for everything and I absolutely love your recipes !!!


    • Hi Elizabeth, and thanks for your question. The almond flour is not very finely milled, so it’s more like ground almonds. You can also use very finely milled almond flour, but usually you need it less than ground almonds. If you use the same amount very finely milled almonds than ground almonds, you get dry result. The measures are difficult to say. But yes, to my understanding ground almonds should work here perfectly. Hope this helps!

  11. i would like to ask you a question: is.erithrol absolutely necessary? can i use a liquid sweetener instead?

    thank you,

    • Hi Gaia! Yes, in these cookies erythritol is necessary, otherwise the cookies won’t hold together. I’m planning to develop more recipes with liquid stevia, so hopefully you will find something suitable in the future.

      Actually, if you omit the erythritol and add an egg, that should work. However, the texture won’t be as crunchy as without egg and with erythritol. Hope this helps!

    • thanks for the answer!
      so, erythritol is more a way to obtain a batter crunchiness when you don’t use regular sugar, isn’t it? but, if I make a fluid-like recipe (like your lovely lemon curd) a liquid sweetener will be okay to or I really need erythritol?

      thank you again and have a good day!

      • Yes, something like that. Actually, liquid sweetener would work better in fluid-like recipes, since erythritol (especially erythritol crystals) sometimes form big and hard lumps in custards, curds, etc. However, I haven’t found a liquid sweetener which wouldn’t have a nasty aftertaste, that’s why I mostly use erythritol. Moreover, it could be that you have to adjust the amounts of the other ingredients if you try out some liquid sweetener in a recipe where is used erythritol.

  12. Ever experimented with alternative proteins for this recipe? Plant based and/or egg white or even a combination? I know you tried your fluffy bread recipe with egg white protein and it completely changed the texture (still haven’t made it myself, but I will this weekend!) so I am curious what a different protein in this recipe would do. I am willing to experiment if you give me a suggestion as to which (plant or egg) or if I should use a combination of them. I have both on hand, but the vanilla flavor of the plant based one is not very strong and the egg white is unflavored because I bought it for the bread. Let me know your thoughts!

    The more sweet goodies I can have on hand the better. My children and I are all gluten free (for about 9 months now) and I am more recently completely grain and sugar free. I try to keep my son as sugar free as possible as it affects his ADHD significantly. Since he has been GF his symptoms have decreased to almost nothing, but certain things set him off and sugar {especially HFCS omg!) is a huge culprit, along with food coloring. If he gets his hands on a conventional soda, especially Mt Dew, I can’t even be around him for like 2 hours! If he has gluten it’s a good 3 days before it is out of his system.

    Anyway the point of this ridiculously long post is that I want to make him (and my daughter and me!) good tasting, wholesome treats that aren’t too complicated. That is why I am so glad I found your blog, which in turn led me to the discovery of erythritol! All of the GF alternatives for sweet treats still have as much sugar as their conventional counterparts (ie GF cookies) so I have to limit them. Plus they are just darned expensive!

    Anyway, thank you again for your wonderful recipes and for always responding to posts. I look forward to your thoughts on this one.

    • It’s amazing how big effect a simple diet has! It’s great that you have found that GF and SF diet benefits you and your family.

      I tried these cookies with egg white protein instead of whey protein and they turned out great, maybe slightly more fragile than with whey protein. My egg white protein was also unflavored, so I added 1 teaspoon vanilla extract to the butter and sweetener mixture. That brought nice vanilla flavor. I don’t know how plant-based protein would work, but at least pure egg white protein works well. Currently I have some hemp protein as plant-based protein and it turns everything green… Somehow I doubt it would work here, but I cannot say for sure. Anyway, hope you like the cookies if you try them out 🙂

      I try to answer all comments and questions, anyway I’m here for you 🙂 Sometimes it may take almost a day, like now; my toddler is keeping me busy while my husband is on business trip… Hope my answers are not too late.

      • Oh yes, still one thing: you might want to make quite thick cookies, then they hold better together.

        • I’m wondering if I could use this cookie dough as a pie crust…we certainly liked it as cookies. Before I actually try it, would you comment on my chances for success?

          • Kathy, thanks for your question! I haven’t tried these cookies as pie crust, however I would expect that the result would be too crumbly, i.e. the crust doesn’t hold together very well. But like I said, I’m not absolutely sure about that. If you try out, please tell me how it turned out!

          • Thanks for your answer. I was afraid that you might think the cookie dough would be too delicate for a pie crust, but I thought that I’d ask because the flavour is so lovely.

  13. Mmmm. I made these tonight. I didn’t have toffee stevia, so used a mix of regular and vanilla stevia and butterscotch extract because that was the closest I had to toffee. These are really great cookies. Both the texture and flavor are fabulous. 🙂

  14. I just made the vanilla toffee cookies with vanilla stevia instead of toffee and then crumbled a couple over a little dish of the LC lemon curd and it tastes just like lemon meringue pie. So delicious!!!!

  15. I have baked both the original recipe, and the chocolate variation, both enjoyed, but I think that we preferred the original by a slim margin. I did not have any toffee stevia so I subbed another brand flavouring, but now I will order some on-line. These cookies did not affect my husband’s blood sugar is great to be able to make a dessert he can eat without guilt. I’m so glad that I found this site! Thanks for all your efforts to refine the recipe.

  16. Hope this isn’t too much of a bother for you but could you answer a few questions for me related to the Crispy Tofee Cookies? What is erythritol? How is it sold in the grocery store? Where do you get almond flour?
    Sal’s Girl

    • Sal, erythritol is a great substitute for sugar. Wikipedia has an article about it: It has a bit “cool” aftertaste, like xylitol. It doesn’t usually rise blood sugar at all, and your stomach normally tolerates it better than for example xylitol or maltitol. You don’t find erythritol from a grocery store but you can order it easily and actually cheaper online. I order mine from iHerb (click the link in the recipe, it leads you to the product). Almond flour you get from health food store or online (also link in the recipe). There are other vendors as well, but especially erythritol is pretty cheap in iHerb.


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