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  1. I made this today, but having no leeks on hand I used Bok Choy. It turned out great, and with an even (significantly) lower carb count I couldn’t be happier 😉

  2. This sounds amazing but according to a leading thyroid doctor in Australia, people with thyroid disease shouldn’t eat raw cauli, cabbage, broccoli etc as they contain things called goitrogens…. anyway, I’m wondering how this would go with cooked cauli? I’m thinking maybe cooked and wrung out as in the prep for cauli pizza base???

    • Yes, you are right about goitrogens in raw cruciferous vegetables. They might be not good for people with hypothyroism. I often make mock potato salad with cooked cauli chunks and it works well, I think that would also work well in this salad. So I just cook the cauli chunks (app. 1/2-inch or 1.5 cm) and pour carefully out all the water.

  3. This was very good. I hadn’t worked with leeks at all. Learned they really need to be washed well. Cutting into the green and into strips to get the dirt or sand out…yes sand. I didn’t do this well some crunchiness that I didn’t want.

    • Sorry to hear it was crunchy in a wrong way 🙂 Leeks can indeed be really nasty to clean… But great that you liked it!

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