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  1. I just made them with frozen mixed berries I had in my freezer. I spooned the mixture into an ice cube tray, then licked the mixing bowl because it was so incredibly yummy. They came out so delicious! Thank you for this great recipe!

  2. I’m about to make these now. I’m using Kerrygold brand butter. Do they taste bette with salted or unsalted butter?

  3. Great receipt… I am new to keto and needed something as a backup if needed 🙂
    I used swerve sweetener. I don’t like stevia.

  4. Thank you for this amazing recipe! I made them tonight and they are delicious! I do not own silicon or candy molds so I used my melon baller scooper and scooped them out onto a parchment lined cookie sheet and put them in the freezer, it worked perfectly! It made 16 bombs for me. Due to my personal taste, I used 1tbsp of stevia because that is what I had on hand. I plan on making these again using blueberries, or blackberries, or even raspberries! This is my first ever fat bomb and I am loving them!

  5. These are delicious, thanks for the recipe! (I used refined coconut oil and 1 tsp of double-strength vanilla extract.)

  6. Holy cow these are too good!
    Question though… it a half cup of mashed strawberries or whole then mash them? I want to make sure im not adding extra carbs.

  7. Love the sound of these… Had my hubby go grab me the supplies I needed to make them… Tomorrow gonna try one batch exact, one with strawberries and lemon extract and the third removing the strawberries, adding a little half & half, some FINELY ground flaxseed meal and psyllium husks and some PB2 & cocoa to aim for a more meal replacement like option… Fingers crossed!

  8. I am new to Keto and was having some trouble getting enough fat. I looked at quite a few “fat bombs” and this one sounded good. I was not disappointed and will be making them again.


  9. Our favorite go to sweet. Keep a bag of these in the freezer at all times, when we need that extra fat or sweet fix. Super easy to make!

  10. So this was my first keto recipe that I’ve ever made. I made a triple batch (who wouldn’t love these?) changing the liquid stevia and vanilla to vanilla flavored liquid stevia since it’s all I have on hand. Then instead of trying to make them as beautiful as the pics I cheated and used reusable 2oz souffle cups with lids….and I put 1.5 servings since I knew I’d want more. So amazing!! So my question is can I use the same recipe except switch strawberries for something else? Like Chocodant or sf peanut butter?

    • I don’t have kuquud sweetner, so I used powder, turned out fine. I also jyst put it all in the muxing bowl at once, gave my blender away years ago, and ut was fine

  11. Wow!! How are these even keto friendly?! They are absolutely delicious. I can see it being difficult to even get them to the freezer! Thank you so much for the simple recipe =).

  12. I will definitely give this recipe a try. I will use coconut cream instead of cream cheese. I hope it will turn out as great as the ones in this post. Thank you

  13. These are absolutely insanely delicious. But do yourself a favor and skip the instructions. They soild just be “throw everything into a blender.” Author makes it so uneccessarily complicated

  14. These are amazing! I have a problem though…
    I use the My Fitness Pal app to log my meals, and when I plug this recipe in my carb count (net and total) is much higher than what you have listed. Do you have any insight as to why this would be happening?

    Thanks for all your amazing recipes!

    • Hi Reagan, thanks for your comment! So great that the recipe appeals to you! What could affect to the different carb count are different ingredients (e.g. different brands have different carb counts), different amounts (i.e. weight) or calculating total carbs instead of net carbs. Hope this helps!

  15. Thanks Martina and Elviira. This is a great recipe. My family and I love these. We need to make small batches, because they don’t last long.

  16. I made it last night, and tasted too buttery. What should I do? I didn’t use coconut oil , but butter only.

    • How about increasing the amount of cream cheese and reducing butter? That might help. For example 1/2 cup (120 ml) butter and 1/2 cup (120 ml) cream cheese might be worth trying.

      • I’m not sure what went wrong on mine. They came out terrible. I used coconut oil instead of the butter, and when I mixed it all together it still had small lumps that I couldn’t get rid of and I taste tested before freezing and it was terrible. Maybe they taste better frozen? I guess I’ll find that out in the morning. Lol

        • Sorry to hear it turned out bad! Lumpy result sounds like the ingredients were not at room temperature (I’ve had that happening, too)… the lumps are really unappetizing…

          • Some peoples room temp is much cooler than others. 72 degree F is considered room temp for cooking/ I always need to warm things over a water bath unless it is summer and hot out.

          • Good point! Our house is pretty cool (I mean the temperature!!), we have max. 64 F (unless it’s hot outside, which happens just a couple of times a year).

    • I just made these today, I used half butter and half coconut oil turned out so yummy. Awesome recipe thank you

  17. I made these last night, only I accidentally bought mixed berries so I added some blueberries too. I doubled the recipe and replaced 1/3 of the cream cheese with ricotta cheese, I think it gives it a really nice texture closer to real cheesecake. I am new to using the liquid sweeteners so I was very sparing for this first batch, but I would probably make them a touch sweeter next time, just my own preference. I bought candy/ice cube molds that have 1 oz cavities, and was able to get 40 with a tiny bit left over. Is it safe to say that 2 would be a serving in the size I made? and do you know where I can find a tool to calculate my changes with the ricotta? Thanks!

  18. My brick of Cream cheese comes in a brick that is 250 g and I would like to use it all
    Can you break down the recipe based on that measurement for me please!

  19. Great recipe.
    I doubled the recipe and used both the coconut oil(60g) and the butter(60g)………Fabulous!
    Great for filling in my macros. 🙂

    ps….My wife is not on Keto, but she absolutely loves these strawberry delights!
    Many Thanks,

  20. I can’t even…butter, cream cheese and sugar????? geeesh. Anyone who thinks this is healthy eating is out of their mind! Not to mention they sound really gross. Yuck.

    • If you’re living a low carb/keto lifestyle, this will keep you in ketosis and thus very healthy. Not to mention you keep losing weight as well…

    • In a ketogenic diet, saturated fats have not been found to be detrimental, so butter is ok. Nothing is wrong with the most natural, full-fat cream cheese. Erythriol and stevia are as natural as it gets, have a 0 gi and are not absorbed by the organism- perfectly healthy. If you are looking for low carb recipes, this is what you should expect. If you don’t like it, why read such recipes?
      Thank you elvira, I am trying it out right now and it looks amazing.

    • You are not keto, we on keto eat high fat low carb. Just your opinion. Please keep comments to yourself on our way of eating. I’ve lost 15# eating this way.

      • These hit the spot. I am down 25 pounds on LCHF eating, I have had to make a couple if adjustments fir cholesterol purposes, but overall I am feeling great

    • Hi Sarah, yes, you can, however please use powdered xylitol as xylitol crystals/granules would just feel gritty. The same amount should be ok.

  21. With regards to using the sugar substitute, has anyone tried the Swerve brand? If so, what would be the recommended measurement to use?

    • I usually use Confectioner’s Style Swerve for these fat bombs. 2-3 tablespoons is just right for my taste buds.

    • I used swerve, I had to cut it back to 1 tablespoon instead of two. I found two tablespoons too sweet!

  22. Made these today with a few tweeks and love them! I didn’t have strawberries (but will make it with them when they are in season!) so I used half the amount in blueberries that I had frozen from u-picking last year. I didn’t add any sweetener because I don’t prefer them and added some ground cinnamon and some orange extract (love the combo of blueberries, cinnamon, and citrus!). Thank you for sharing <3

    • I am new to keto (like first week in), so I am excited to try these as a replacement for ice cream on our family fun night tonight! I got strawberry extract to try in place of strawberries to cut carbs even more. I plan on making a version with raspberry extract too! Has anyone tried cocoa powder? Thank you so much for this recipe! I can’t give up eating something sweet and indulgent on family nights after all 😉

      • Hi Kimberly Ann, many thanks for your comment! Hope you’ll like the recipe! Strawberries add some bulk to the recipe, I was wondering if you have to increase the amount of cream cheese in case you use just strawberry extract… Btw, I’ve developed a recipe to chocolate cheesecake fat bomb everything (that you can use as mousse, cake, or frozen treats) hope to publish it soon… it’s a huge hit in our family!

        • I doubled the sweeter amount, because the extract doesn’t provide any sweetness like real fruit would. Other than that, I kept the recipe as is (with the exclusion of real fruit, and about a teaspoon of extract). I tried strawberry and raspberry extracts. I really prefer the raspberry though. The strawberry one isn’t a very strong flavor. I can’t wait to try your chocolate version when you publish it! Also, if you make two versions using different extracts, it helps to identify which is which since there is no color change haha!

          • Great! Thanks for sharing! May I ask which brands did you use (the extracts)? I try to post the chocolate version within a couple of weeks.

          • I live in NC so, I bought what Food Lion had – the McCormick brand for both. I will be stalking for the chocolate recipe 🙂

  23. I made these yesterday and didn’t change a thing. They are very good! Creamy and satiating. Next time oli will add a little extra sweetener for my personal preference but everything else was spot on. Thank you for the recipe! I will be adding it to my LCHF recipe box.

  24. I love all berries and used to enjoy strawberry ice cream. This recipe sounds like the perfect replacement for strawberry ice cream. Thank you.

  25. So glad I found this recipe! Made them today, doubled the batch and used 20 drops od liquid stevia. Then I piped it into a mini muffin tin. Got 30 little, tasty treats! O. M. G. DELISH!

  26. Loved this recipe when I made it last time! but I only had frozen pineapple on hand today so I used that in place of strawberries and instead of vanilla 1/4 tsp each of rum and coconut extracts to make pina colada flavor! I’m even eating it as is in its mousse-like consistency (couldn’t wait for it to freeze lol!). Delish!!

  27. I made this with blackberries (because that’s what I had!) and they are fantastic! I used a mini scoop and mini muffin liners to freeze them so that I didn’t just eat all the mixture straight out of the bowl:-)

  28. Thank you so very much for this fat bomb recipe. I’m new to keto diet and all of the fat bomb recipes I’ve come across so far have so much coconut oil, or coconut butter, or too much stevia or cocoa- I’ve just given up. This is wonderfully delicious, not heavy, and really does hit the spot. thank so much….

  29. Mine are in the freezer can’t wait! I measured after mashing and added an extra 1/4 c of strawberries. Also I used stevia sugar, used 3 tbl instead of 2. Spread out in a pan to be cut or scooped after freezing kinda did it all the lazy way. Did microwave butter and cream cheese just to where it was soft. Still looks good 😀

  30. Just made these yesterday, cause everyone at work was having cheesecake. It definitely hit the spot. I followed most of the recipe, except for the strawberries – I too measured the strawberries after I mashed them. I plan on trying this recipe with different berries, such as raspberries and blackberries.

  31. I made these today and they are the bomb! Of course I didn’t do it as written — has anyone ever? I didn’t have coconut cream, so I added an ounce of cream cheese. I also measured the 1/2 c. fresh strawberries AFTER they were blended up — figured I used 2X the strawberries called for. I reduced the powdered sweetener to 15 grams, and used 1 tsp almond extract and 1 tsp vanilla extract. But, except for that, they were exactly the same! Anyway, they are TERRIFIC and I wouldn’t have known where to start without this recipe. My nutrition info for 1 serving at 20 servings is ~ 2 net carbs, 5 fat, 1 protein, 53 calories.

    • Thanks for your comment, Jill, and sharing your version! Great that you liked Martina’s recipe!

  32. These are great just started keto diet and they worked out well. One twist I made is using what I had on hand and not a fan of stevia. I substituted an Hawaiian punch single sugar free berry flavor. Only 5cal 1g carb for the whole batch or i guess .08g each.

  33. Going to make these today! I love how you give conversions for the ingredients!! Wonderful (and time consuming for you). Thank you

  34. I just made this recipe with some slight variation, and it was super delicious. I used European-style butter, namely Kerrygold, and dry vanilla powder instead of extract (1 tsp), and for the strawberries I put a handful of freeze-dried strawberries in a bag and powdered them with a rolling pin. (I also used half Truvia, half xylitol, which is my go-to for sweetener nowadays.) The resulting mixture had to be mashed with a fork, but it was much much thicker. After leaving in the freezer for a while, I think I’ll keep them in the fridge afterward. They’ll probably stand up at room temperature, too, at least for a while. Anyway, thanks for the recipe. Of course I licked the bowl, and it was incredible.

    • No, it won’t be bad 🙂 Just use room temperature ingredients and you cannot go wrong. I bet you’ll like it!

  35. You mention eating real food, cream cheese is not real food. It is processed. What real food do you recommend to replace the cream cheese with? Why not use coconut oil instead of butter for your recipe also?

    • I don’t consider the cream cheese I use too processed: it contains only milk, rennet, salt and carob bean gum (which I don’t consider harmful unlike carrageenan for example, please tell me if you have any evidence against it). In your opinion, what makes cream cheese processed?

      You can naturally make your own cream cheese to make it the healthiest possible. I think this recipe calls for cream cheese and the tangy note it gives. These are cheesecake fat bombs anyway. Btw, this is not my recipe, but Martina’s, she is one of the best low-carb/keto bloggers.

  36. Just made these. Mixture tastes yum. Didn’t need to let butter or cream cheese soften, a thermomix really helps, Everything into the bowl, 6 for 6 and scrape down, repeat.

    Will be carrying these in an esky so hope they stay intact and firm so I can have a fat kick

  37. I just made these with a mix of cream & sour cream (full fat) instead of the cream cheese and used coconut oil instead of butter. (because that’s what I had in the fridge!) You don’t get that cheesecake flavour, but they are still delicious and perfect for my niece who has cystic fibrosis and needs high fat snacks.

    • Hi Teejay, I bet your variation was also really delicious! Great to hear that they are perfect for your niece.

    • Hi Rose, great that you like it. You can calculate the serving size from the ingredients. Anyway, seems to be a bit under 1 oz (25 g).

    • I’m not sure whether granulated sugar dissolves well, so powdered sugar would be better. I would recommend one tablespoon at first, then taste and add more if needed. Just please remember that the combination of fat and carbs is the worst for health.

    • Sugar is far more harmful than erythritol or xylitol or stevia (all are from plants). You cannot eat such high fat AND have sugar you will gain weight like there is no tomorrow!!

  38. Hi! These look absolutely amazing, and I have some super fresh strawberries that would taste out of this world in this recipe, I’m sure. I do have one question, though: how many bombs does this recipe make? I saw that you had the macro breakdown at the bottom, but wasn’t sure how many pans to have ready to get that proportion.

    • Hi Katie! If I remember correctly, my silicone mold makes some 16-17 hearts, however Martina has written 12 servings in the recipe.

  39. Can you use coconut oil in place of the butter? Just curious if it would taste as good 🙂

    • Hi Mandy, coconut oil should work well, too. Personally I haven’t tried it, but I know that people do use it here and like the result.

        • Great idea 🙂 Never really thought that but basically that should work out pretty okay. Please let me know how they turned out if you try that!

  40. Just made these! Put everything in a big bowl right out of the fridge and put it in the microwave including the frozen strawberries. Nuked it on defrost for1 min 3 times and then mashed everything together with a fork. Formed it into crude little balls and put in freezer container with parchment paper between the layers. So easy and no clean-up!

    • Hi and thanks for your comment! That’s a great simplified method! Did you get the mixture so smooth that the butter didn’t get lumpy but dissolved?

      • Hi I made these today, absolutely delicious however mine were made with fresh strawberries and butter, been in the fridge for approximately 2 hours and they don’t seem to be setting, would the freezer be better?

      • Sounds perfect! I also had to use microwave once after I had used too cold butter and the mixture got lumpy. After microwaving it was really smooth, almost liquid, and easy to spoon into the mold.

  41. What do these things taste like without butter? The creamcheese is already so fatty so what does the butter provide?

    • Well, we are talking about low-carb high-fat diet, where 70-85% of your daily calories come from fat. Considering this, cream cheese is not very fatty. That’s why butter is used, it provides the needed fat. Hope this helps!

    • Hi Lauren, thanks for your question, I think it’s very valid! I recommend unsalted butter.

  42. I doubled this recipe, because I knew I would love it. However, there was at least one tweak I will make the next time I make these. 2 Tablespoons of vanilla is way too strong. I can taste the alcohol in the fat bombs. I’ll cut it down to between 1/2 and 1 teaspoon. The resulting blend was more liquid than I thought it would be, even if allowed to warm up to refrigerator temperature, it’s more like a pudding consistency then. So you probably will want to eat them frozen. Other than that, they do taste really good!

    • Hi Malainie, thank you for your comment! Yes, the purpose is to eat these frozen. It also very highly depends on the brand of the vanilla extract how strong the flavor actually is. Personally I use just 1 teaspoon vanilla extract (Flavorganics Organic Vanilla Extract). I actually don’t know which brand Martina has used. Maybe she can answer to that? But I’m very delighted to hear that you liked the recipe! There are several thousands of people who love these fat bombs, so welcome on board!

  43. I just made these today and there aren’t enough good things to say about them!!! Thank you so much for the recipe.

  44. Thanks so much for this recipe. It was awesome!! My 1st fat bombs. Can’t wait to try some other varieties.

    • Hi ShivaD, great that you liked it! You should check Martina’s blog, she has plenty of recipes for fat bombs!

  45. want to try the simple recipe coz i was also diagnosed with hypothyroidism.Can you give some advice?

    • Hi Jenny, I’m not a doctor so unfortunately I cannot give you medical advice. Some people say that using soy products may cause hypothyroidism, so you might want to check that out. Some people say the iodine in seaweed prevents hypothyroidism. On the other hand, according to some sources gluten could make the symptoms worse, so does lack of vitamin D3. Before you do any changes in your diet, please try to find a healthcare professional who truly understands you and is not after your money but wants to genuinely help you and seek for optimal diet and medication for you.

  46. I thought this recipe was excellent except for one thing – when I used powdered Stevia, the sweetness was WAY too much. I tried again using liquid Stevia extract and added it slowly to taste. I ended up using 8 drops and they came out absolutely delicious.

    I have a huge sweet tooth, so I’m surprised these were originally too sweet (and too Stevia-y) for me. Thanks for sharing this!

  47. Hi Martina, Thank you so much for this recipe. I tried them tonight and followed each step exactly how you have laid them out, and they are the first fat bombs I have ever made. They turned out awesome and the sweetness is perfect. I was a bit worried going in as I read R’s comment first but I wanted to say that I could not disagree with her/him more. To each their own I guess but this is excellent and tastes exactly like strawberry cheesecake filling. I am so happy I found you. Thank you 🙂

  48. Looks good – will try this weekend. On another note – it would be great if your website had a print button that would just print the basic recipe and nutrition…without all the pictures…keeping it to one page…

    • Hi Sandy and thanks for your comment! I try to get a proper print button, thanks for the hint! (You can delete photos from the current solution, but I admit it’s not very user-friendly.)

  49. I made these Strawberry Cheesecake fat yesterday. This was the first time I’ve ever made fat bombs. I followed the recipe exactly. The only difference being that I used a few less drops of liquid stevia and the liquid kind I have is English toffee flavor which to be perfectly honest has very little taste.

    Overall I found that there was a total lack of strawberry flavor with these. I don’t think the half cup amount works so next time I might use strawberry flavoring instead. I would also add in more stevia as that could have helped the taste.

    The way they turned out were rather tasteless despite using natural vanilla flavoring and the strawberries.

    Regardless thanks for the recipe Martina!

    • Hi, and thanks for your comment. In my experience the strength of strawberry flavor highly depends on the used strawberry variety. Some are very tasteless whereas some have a very prominent taste. How about if you try a different variety next time? That might help. Strawberry flavoring is also a good idea, especially if you find a very natural flavoring. I’ve noticed that natural, unflavored stevia has the strongest taste, however it naturally depends on the brand. I use NuNaturals Clear Stevia. Hope your next try is more successful!

    • Hi, Thanks! I guess it also depends on the strawberries. At least in my experience, there is a big difference if I use strawberries I buy in season and imported. Just a guess 🙂

  50. Thank you for having Martina do a guest blog. Finding out more information about her and her keto calculator has proved very valuable to me. I had weight plateaued and as a result of her keto calculator I’ve been able to adjust my proteins (which were 20 g too high) and my fats which were too low. This morning standing on the scales after only a couple of days of diet adjustment have resulted in the scales dropping by 1 lb. Thank you, I knew I only had to do a little tweaking of my eating, but this has helped tremendously. Now I’m looking forward to trying even more of both your’s and her’s recipes. Good decision on your part, thank you.

  51. Hello, I would love to make the Fat Bombs but I’m not sure about the cream cheese. What brand do you use and is it from grass fed milk? Regular cream cheese doesn’t seem to healthy.



    • Hi Yolanda, I’m located in Finland and use local brands. Actually, I often buy organic German cream cheese from a local health food store and then regular full fat cream cheese from Lidl. That is also made in Germany. Neither contain anything else than pasteurized milk, pasteurized heavy cream, rennet and salt. I don’t think that they are made from grass-fed milk. I don’t buy for example Philly anymore because it contains carrageenan.

  52. I love this recipe!

    Tip: I used a ziplock to mix all ingredients and pipe the cream into molds. Worked really well and easy cleanup!

    • Hi Carol and thanks for your comment! Yes, Martina has created a fun treat! My 3-year-old son cannot get enough of these!

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