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  1. English cucumbers work well with this. The seeds are small and you don’t have to peel the waxy peeling off. Thanks for the recipe. I have all the ingredients .. including the English cukes…

    • Yep, English cucumbers work very well, too! Personally, I like the crispy texture of pickling cucumbers so I prefer them here.

    • It highly depends on the brand, but usually just a tiny pinch is enough. You can always add more if needed.

  2. I was doing some research to see how well stevia will work in pickles and came across this. I absolutely love this idea and think I will try it with jalapenos tonight…..I love those sweet hot pickled jalapenos in the store, but don’t do sugar, either. I actually have a jar of store-bought pickled jalapenos right now so I think I will just mix some liquid stevia in with those as an experiment.

    I did want to mention that the text on your page is almost unreadable. The font size, weight and contrast made it quite a challenge to read, but I was forced to actually zoom in on the page in order to read (and write) a comment.

    • Hi, thanks for your comment! I do take UX things seriously (and that’s why I keep the font size 12 because it should be big enough; personally, I hate too small fonts!). However, I must have missed something if the text is too small in reality. I will take a closer look on that, thanks for pointing it out! Oh yes, and I would love to know how your pickled jalapenos with stevia worked out!

  3. Ha ha …love it! Love all things sour & tangy..and this pickled cucumbers sound so gooood:) Actually I have been making my own sugar free pickled cauliflower and also red onion. I eat it in salads and on meat for crunch and tangy…I simply mix vinegar, salt and a little liquid sucralose in a jar and add small pieces of cauli and keep it in the fridge.Same with the onion. It is actually raw cauli pickled in vinegar. will make your pickled cucumbers soon …you reminded me of my childhood…the only difference is that we used to cut spring onions andmix them together with the cucumbers…yum..

  4. Perfect!…simple, fresh, and easy to make, as well as wonderfully low carb. My kind of recipe!

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