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  1. Made this to go with tofu tonight, using ⅔ parsley and ⅓ cilantro in place of the basil. Unfortunately I forgot the garlic, which I’m sure would have made it better – it tasted a bit flat. Garlic would definitely have fixed that. I’m considering changing my herb ratio to 50/50. But I am also realizing that I just might like this with basil – perhaps combined with parsley. I froze the part I didn’t use and hope it freezes well. I would add some garlic powder to it before using it, and would probably use garlic powder in place of raw garlic because it is easier to digest. I can see that if I were to do it right, this is a great recipe.

    • Thank you for trying the recipe! Yes, garlic is quite a must ingredient in pesto and also in this recipe. I hope garlic powder lends enough flavor as it’s milder than raw garlic, which is certainly pungent. Please let me know how it turns out with garlic powder if you try it out!

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