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  1. My batter or dough came out too soft. I added in about 1/8th of a cup of Coconut Flour and it was not quite as loose. It worked out fine. They are very good. Way to sweet for my taste, next time I will try 1/8th a cup of Erythritol instead. I just don’t like them so sweet like cookies from the store. But they have a wonderful flavor. Very good. Thank you.

  2. One bite and the words “oh my gawd” flew out of my mouth!!!!
    These are fanTAStic! And so easy! Thank you for sharing your lovely recipes…❤️

  3. Could I use hazelnut butter instead of hazelnut flour?
    Then cut back on the butter and add more almond flour?

    • Hmm, I guess you can experiment but I cannot say if it really works. Please let me know how the cookies turned out if you try that!

  4. Hallo Elviira,
    this is awesome 🙂 where in Germany?

    I have another question for you: I use Swerve for baking. Does the Sukrin Sweetener has that cooling after taste as well?
    Btw my husband like they hazelnut cookies – even he thought they taste like coconut hahah

    • Hi Cristiana, Niederrhein, close to Dutch border 🙂

      I think more or less all erythritol-based sweeteners have that cooling aftertaste…. unfortunately. But I think xylitol has even worse aftertaste in that sense. Sometimes it helps if you use different types of sweeteners in the same recipe, then you get the sweetness from each with less aftertaste.

      Great that your husband liked the cookies as well!

  5. Hey it’s me again 🙂
    I would like to make those cookies today but I don’t have only regular Stevia drops and Vanilla extract – any idea how to mix those together?

    • So I made my own Vanilla Stevia and made the cookies.
      OMG they are so good. I am from Germany so those cookies remind me of the Hazelnut cookies my grandma made.
      Thank you so much for this recipe! You are a true Low Carb recipe angel

      • Hi Cristiana, thank you for your kind words! I just replied to your previous comment about the vanilla extract and stevia, but great to hear that you tried them out already and liked the result! Btw, my husband is German and we were visiting Germany last week.

    • Hi Cristiana 🙂 It actually depends on the brand how much stevia to use, I think some 10-20 drops would be enough in case it’s not very concentrated stevia. I usually use 1 teaspoon vanilla extract for cookies, I bet it would be a good amount here as well.

      Btw, erythritol is a must here, the cookies don’t hold together without it.

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