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    • Hi Leigh, I think dairy is the thing to make the dough work, but maybe you’ll try a small batch, or then just mix a small amount of almond flour with tofutti to see if it makes a sturdy dough? Hope it works!

    • Works with both, but the recipe calls for blanched almond meal. If you use finer almond flour, you might need to add more cream cheese. Hope you’ll like the recipe!

  1. I have been low carbing for a few years and my son has tried several of the foods that I have made. He will eat what I make, but this is the only recipe that he said was really good!! They are very good crackers. 🙂

  2. I just made these & they turned out great! I left out the chives just because I wanted a more neutral flavour but they’re delish! I dumped the ingredients in a freezer bag & mixed (& kneaded!) the dough in there before putting it out on the parchment. Completely mess free!
    Thanks so much for this recipe. I’ll be enjoying my gourmet cheeses on some of these tasty crackers tonight!

    • So great to hear you liked it! Thanks for the great tip for mixing and kneading the dough without mess!

  3. I believe this might be my favorite cracker ever….and that includes store bought! I decided to use dill because I had a bunch (and we love dill) and they came out absolutely perfect! So delicious I’m going to have to make sure I limit how many I eat. 🙂

  4. I wonder if it would be possible to make this sweet instead of savory by adding a bit of erythritol and maybe a lower carb fruit puree? Would the moisture content be too much?

  5. OMG. I have been missing crackers and chips doing Keto. I LOVE these. My only issue is they were a bit salty but so easy to make. I did bake mine a bit longer and at the end bumped up the temp to brown and get them crispier. Thank you so much for this great and super simple recipe.

  6. I made these yesterday and they are by far the best keto cracker recipe I have found. They were also extremely easy to make.

  7. I have dried chives, but not fresh so can dried chives be used? Are the green parts of green onions the same as chives??

    • Dried chives are fine, but you need them less, let’s say 1 tablespoon. Green parts in green onions are different from chives.

  8. These crackers are delicious and very easy to make. However, how do you store them? I waited until they were completely cool and put them in a zip lock bag. The next day, they were chewy and lost all their crunch. I will still eat them but on Keto, I miss that crunch.

    • Hi Helen, I store them at room temperature usually just in a bowl covered with towel or plastic wrap. For me they have always stayed crunchy.

  9. Hi there! I want to make these to take to a Christmas party, however I’m just wondering if they are firm enough for a Cheese and meat tray?

    Or would they be too crumbly for that?

  10. I love the recipe and use it often.
    Has anyone tried to sub out the sour cream with coconut cream? I would like to make this dairy free. Any ideas if the ratio might change?

  11. You are brilliant!!! I made these crackers tonight. They are SO easy and SO delicious!!! They remind me of cheeze-its! I’d swear that there’s cheese in these! Way to go! I’ll be making these on a regular basis and switching up the spices.

    • Thank you so much, Holly, for your kind words! I make them on a regular basis, too, our whole family loves them!

  12. I fell in love with these crackers after I tasted the first batch. I now have a second batch baking that I flavored with Parmesan cheese and garlic. These absolutely hit the spot. Thank you for sharing the recipe

  13. I have tried flackers in different variations and they all make me gag. I made these over the weekend and they are delicious!!! Need to work on the rolling because the center crackers were a bit too thick. Unfortunately, they are now mushy and disgusting, most likely due to the humidity here in Bangkok and my not-so-airtight container. :o( Moving back home to the U.S. next month so I think I’ll just wait until then to make them again. Thanks for the great recipe!!!

    • Hi Lisa, so great to hear you liked this recipe! Rolling out the dough as thin as you can makes the best result.

      • You should try the tortilla press and then cut the squares, I have one and it’s easier than rolling the dough

      • I used a half sheet backing sheet the roller was to wide so I went really old school using a large glass to flatten the dough. These crackers are delicious. Followed your directions to the T. The best recipe directions ever. On to the next batch. Fyi my husband said there is no way these are healthy lol.

  14. I took a tip from a commenter on another website, and used a tortilla press to get them really thin. They’re in the oven now, and they smell wonderful! My kitchen was really warm, and even though I weighed the ingredients, the dough dried out really fast and was a little crumbly, so I went my hands and re-kneaded it, then it was ok.

  15. I love this recipe. Lately I’ve been using one cup of almond flour and one cup of flaxseed meal and it has turned out really good!

  16. Hello!

    Thank you for this awesome recipe! What is the best option for storing these? Refrigerate, freeze? Or is it ok to keep them in an airtight container at room temp?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Isabella, you’re welcome! Keeping them in an airtight container at room temperature is the best option to store them.

      • I’ve made variants with additional Honeyville products: use powdered sour cream (crackers) or powdered tomato (tortillas). Just make sure to mix them thoroughly by hand – not mixer or blender – before adding water. I tried making a version with powdered cheese and cayenne, but the cheese mix didn’t cook well . . . : )

        Turned out to be a good camping recipe as well; dry mix stored, reconstituted in the bag, formed into balls, flattened into dinner-plate size chips with aluminum foil, and cooked on the hot stones around a campfire. : )

  17. Hello, these look so amazing, but I am wondering if you have a recommendation for an almond flour replacement. My husband is allergic to almonds! 🙁
    Thank you!

    • Hi Mallory! Sorry to hear that your husband is allergic to almonds. Unfortunately this recipe calls for almond flour and it cannot be replaced with other flours… Actually I do have another recipe for crackers that doesn’t contain almonds, but I haven’t posted it yet. I might do that soon 🙂

      • Try it with Hazelnut flour. I’ve heard success from others in swapping it for almond flout in different recipes. I can’t say it will work for the crackers but it might be worth trying…

        • I’m afraid hazelnut flour has a pretty strong flavor… Maybe macadamia flour or other more neutral tasting nut flour would suit better?

          • Pumpkin seed flour works well as a swap. I also have an Almond allergy. Sunflower seed flour is my fav but turns some things green lol

          • Yep, you can make great Halloween stuff with sunflower seed flour / sunbutter and baking soda!

  18. I saw above that you said you used a pan on which you could fill the whole thing with the dough, or you adjusted to dough so that it filled the whole pan, so I’m wondering what size pan you used. It would affect the thickness of the crackers

    • Hi Ruth, I used a baking sheet that basically is the size of the oven, where the batch actually fits perfectly. The most important thing is to roll out the dough as thin as you can, so if you have smaller pan or baking sheet, you might have to divide the dough. Hope this helps!

  19. I know this is an old post for you but I just stumbled onto it a few weeks ago and these crackers are a staple in my low carb cabinet now. Sour cream and chive are one of my favorite flavors but I’ve also made Italian crackers with ricotta cheese replacing the sour cream and minced garlic and chopped basil replacing the onion. I also added 40g of flaked parmesan. Being from Texas I also have to have a spicy option so I made Mexican crackers with minced garlic replacing the onion, and adding 40g of cheddar cheese and 10g of chipotle powder. So good! Thank you, thank you!

    • Hi Renee, thanks for your comment and sharing your variations! I’m so happy to hear you like them!! I also make these on a regular basis, mainly for my son for the kindergarten. He loves them, so do we all! Last time I put just onion powder for a little flavor and they were still great!

  20. Just put my second batch in the oven……THIS ARE WITHOUT A DOUBT THE BEST LOW CARB CRACKERS I have ever had!!!!!! I’ve tried quite a few but these beat all of them and so very very easy. THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!

    • Hi Paulette! Thank you for your comment, so happy to hear that you like them! I still use the recipe regularly and bake these with different variations; today going to bake some again 🙂

  21. This is the best cracker recipe I’ve tried! It satisfies my chip cravings. The flavor options are endless! I added nigella seeds & they had a real Turkish bread taste & smell
    I’ve also used spring onion, mixed dried herbs, Parmesan, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, salt & pepper . Will try lemon pepper too!
    Thanks for a great recipe!

  22. Sorry I forgot to check the box that says it will notify me by email. So if you couldn’t respond to this one. Thanks!!

  23. Hello! I love that you have the protein and fat content listed. However could you tell me what the carb count is per batch of crackers. I think this would be a great recipe to try!

    • Hi Hatti, ummm… there should be the carb count in total and per serving. Do you use mobile? Narrow displays can wipe out the rest of the table with nutrition info.

  24. This looks delicious! I have been looking for a good cracker recipe to put some brie on and this looks great! The almond flour that I have is a little grainy….do you recommend a fine almond flour or do you think what I have will work ok? I can put it in the blender to make a little more fine but thought I would ask first.

    • Hi Sabrina, this is one of my most loved recipes, I hope you like it too 🙂 This recipe is made for coarse almond flour. If you use fine flour, you have to increase the amount of sour cream.

  25. I was wondering if it would work if you roll these into a log and wrap, refrigerate, and slice thin (like if you were making sugar cookies). I am horrible at rolling out dough, lol.

    • Good question! Never really thought of that. I think the dough is stiff enough so that you don’t even have to refrigerate it to be able to slice it, though it might help anyway. That’s an idea worth trying!

      • Thanks! I bought the ingredients last night to try out today. I am going to pair with a ricotta cream cheese spinach artichoke dip. (Easing back into low carb a year after the baby, lol). I’ll try it out by the rolling and slicing method and let you know how it worked out. (I am guessing it may change the cooking times slightly since they will be separated from the mass and get better heat and air flow, but we’ll see!)

  26. This is the best cracker recipe I’ve made on the THM Plan. So simple and so delicious! I didn’t add the chives as I didn’t have any, and I did add cracked pepper instead. Just the basic recipe can have so many variations. Thank you!! I’d like to share your blog with my Facebook group because this is a must-have recipe and I’m sure there are more!

    • Hi Conni, many thanks for your comment! So great that you like the recipe! Feel free to share my blog with your FB group 🙂

  27. I’d like to try these but I can’t have dairy, can you recommend any alternatives to the sour cream.
    Refine sugar and dairy are my main problem currently

    • I’ve been thinking of alternative for sour cream in this recipe but so far didn’t find a proper dairy-free solution. I have to continue experimenting and I will let you know immediately if I’ll find a proper substitute!

  28. Why is your web site so cluttered with ads and non-sense? Your recipes are fantastic but it’s like trying to navigate through a herd of zombies to attempt to get a recipe or page to load. Seriously rethink how much stuff is on your site – it makes it incredibly NOT user friendly.

    • Yes, you’re absolutely right and I wish I could afford a better look. Ads are just one of the few ways to get some compensation of my work. Ingredients, hosting and stuff like that cost, and I just have to cover the costs somehow. You see, people want to have everything for free nowadays and are not willing to pay for anything, recipes, books or so. The result is this.

    • I have no problem with the ads. In fact I dont even notice them. I simply scroll right past them.

      Thank you so much for all your tries on getting the perfect crunchy cracker! I cant wait to try these!!

      • Hi Julie, thanks for your comment! I’ve dropped most of the ads, my site used to look quite crappy with plenty of ads, to be honest… I hope you like the crackers!

        • No worries about the adds Elviira. I think people should be appreciating the time and effort that you are putting into a recipe. Look at all the trials that go hand and hand to reach the perfect end result. I thank you and will give this recipe a try.

          • Thank you, Kathy for your kind and encouraging words! Makes me happy! And hope you like the recipe 🙂

    • How do you fund your website, Tracy? Because if you don’t have one and simply choose to leech information from others for free, you really have no right to complain.

  29. I cannot tell you how many low carb crackers I have tried. This is the first one I have loved. I made mine with Mrs. Dash onion and herb seasoning,lemon pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, sea salt and dill seed. Yum. Yum. Thank you!

  30. These came put amazing. I seasoned with garlic powder and added a little butter extract to the dough. Once I was done rolling the dough out, I added course sea salt to the top of the dough.great recipe

  31. I’m so happy to have found your site! I’m wondering what you might think about replacing some of the almond flour with ground flax? Just as another way to reduce the carb count~

    • Hi Maria, great to have you here 🙂 Ground flax should work perfectly (I often use it in crisp bread), but you need to add some fluid as flax absorbs so much fluid.

  32. These crackers were what I’ve been looking for for a while. My used to be favorite cracker had the taste of ranch dressing so I varied the recipe a bit. I left out the garlic salt and sprinkled about 1 tablespoon of powdered ranch dressing on top before I baked them. They turned out great

  33. Hi I love these crackers, I was just wondering if anyone has frozen the dough? And if it was ok??

    • Hi Sarah, thanks for your comment! I haven’t tried out freezing either, so if anybody has, would be great to hear how it worked!

  34. I love this recipe ! So easy to make , takes 5 minutes from start to oven. How simple is that? I have made a few variations to this recipe. My kids fav is Parmesan cheese and chives.

    We have substituted the sour cream for homemade goats cheese which I use fine herbs in. We have added store bought goats cheese as well with jalapeno peppers.

    I make a coconut sour cream and a cashew sour cream for myself as I am dairy free and am looking forward to tasting them this week !

    My grandson (3 yrs old) asked for Cranberries and blueberries to be tried next. Those will be next. The possibilities are endess!

    • Hi Bev, thanks for your comment! Love to hear about your variations! Makes me happy that you like the recipe.

  35. Hi, I have not tried your recipe but it looks yummy. May I ask how many crackers this batch makes?

    • Hi Christina! Thanks for your question, the yield completely depends on the size of the crackers. If I recall correctly, I usually get some 40 crackers that are approximately 1.5×1.5 inches (4×4 cm) in size. Hope this helps!

  36. Hi – Could you please advise which garlic bread seasoning you use and where you get it? (and how much you put in a batch of 2 Cup Almond Flour)? Thanks!

    • Hi Keith, there is a link to the product I used where it says “garlic bread seasoning”. According to my writing, I used to use 1 tablespoon, but nowadays 2 teaspoon seems to do the trick. Hope this helps!

    • Plenty! I hardly ever use chives anymore in these. I simply leave them out and use garlic bread seasoning, cajun seasoning, onion powder or whatever I happen to have at hand.

  37. Made these and they were very good. I rolled the dough very thin and I wished I could have gotten them a little crunchier. I brought them to work and got rave reviews.

    • Stacie, great to hear that everybody liked them! I’ve noticed that the thinner you roll out these crackers, the crunchier they get. Maybe a bit longer time in the oven might help as well.

  38. Hello, would it be possible to make these crackers using greek yogurt instead of sour cream please?, thanks

  39. Hi – I make these all the time. I don’t use any salt (I substitute onion powder and a little garlic powder). I also skip the chives. I do add a 1/3 cup of parmensan (Kraft). I like them a lot. They are never white like yours. Always dark. Any ideas why that is?

    • Hi Kev, great to hear that you like the crackers! Parmesan sounds good addition, it gives flavor and has some salt as well, so additional salt is not needed. I wonder if it’s the Parmesan which makes the crackers dark. Have you tried without Parmesan? Were they still dark?

        • Hmm, I wonder if they are a bit too long in the oven or if the temperature is a bit on the high side? Usually low temperature keeps them light-colored.

          • I cook them at 250 f. They are really never light. By the way, I meant I used to use dry chives (not basil). I like the parm flavor better but would love to get a discussion going about variations to add. My diet is low carb (no sugar), so I would consider any good additions. Essentially though, mine is an almond flour based cracker with dry parmesan, sour cream and onion powder.

          • Is there a possibility for you to still slightly reduce the oven temperature? 210 F or so? That might already make some difference to the color. Or, if you can take the crackers from the oven a few minutes earlier considering they are done? They still get a bit harder when they cool down.

            I still bake these crackers very often and actually I seldom use chives. Most often I use 1 teaspoon garlic bread seasoning (Frontier Natural Products, link in the end of the post) and 1 teaspoon Cajun seasoning (also from FNP) to create “tortilla chips”. They taste great and even better the thinner you roll out the dough. Sometimes I leave out the Cajun seasoning and just use garlic bread seasoning alone.

            I would also recommend different herb seasoning mixes and peppers, like freshly ground black pepper. I would expect Italian herb mix (oregano, thyme, basil, garlic, black pepper, etc.) go well with Parmesan. What do you think?

  40. I live fqar from any shops, on a farm so I battle to get all my ingredients together. Going to Cape Town shortly and will stock up then. Your crackers seem divine. Thank you.

  41. I halved the batch the first time and weighed the sour cream and just threw in a bunch of chopped chives and it was fabulous! These are the best low carb crackers I have made! After 50 minutes I turned the oven off and let them sit in there for a bit. They are just cruncy enough. Can’t wait to make another batch!

    • Hi Lisa! Thank you for your comment and trying out my recipe. Makes me really happy that you like the crackers!

  42. Do I weigh the flour or use a measuring cup as I would usually do to measure out 2 cups of flour?

    Than you.

    • Hi Donya, as long as it has similar, smooth texture like the dairy version, it should work. The sour cream binds the ingredients together, and for that it has to be smooth and silky. Otherwise the dough won’t hold together. Hope this helps!

    • Hi Janet, I haven’t tried sour cream tofu with these, but if it has similar, smooth texture like the dairy version, it should work. The sour cream is for binding and because of that the texture needs to be smooth so that it holds together.

    • Hi Ivana, I think ricotta might be a bit too stiff stuff, but of course you can try. Maybe you can add a splash of milk, cream or water to make the batter easier to knead. Just be sure not to add too much fluid, the batter has to be really stiff that you can roll it and cut out shapes from it. Hope this helps!

  43. No way! If you take two cups of almond flour and add 2.5 ounces of sour cream, how could that bind together? Add a quart of water? (sarcasm) I tried and it would not come together until I added about five times the amount of sour cream. The result was not pretty!

    • Hi, I’m sorry to hear that you were not satisfied. What kind of almond flour did you use? Was it either extremely finely ground almond flour and/or fat-reduced almond flour? Did your two cups of almond flour weigh 8 oz? I use brands like Bob’s Red Mill, which is not fat-reduced or not very finely ground.

      Usually it looks at first that the ingredients won’t bind together, but if you continue kneading, the dough will be just fine. Obviously this didn’t work for you. I wonder what went wrong.

      • I’m new to wanting to try using almond flour. I’m surprised that 2C. is 8 oz. I thought 1 cup is 8 oz.
        I’m guessing that almond flour is very light and flour compared to regular flour…as I said, I’m new to using almond flour. Thanks for any help. Also, is their a difference with almond flour and almond meal?

        • Hi Lexy, thanks for your comment. In general 1 cup almond flour (like Bob’s Red Mill) weighs 4 oz. Almond meal is indeed more coarse than almond flour, and the texture of almond flour differs between manufacturers. For example, Honeyville almond flour is very fine and you might need to adjust the amount (usually you need to use a smaller amount of fine-textured almond flour than more coarse almond flour). This recipe is made with Bob’s Red Mill almond flour (link in the recipe ingredients), which is on the coarse side. Any similar type of almond flour/meal will be okay.

    • Hi Allison, I wish I could help, but it’s so long time since I’ve baked with regular flour that I have to admit that I have forgotten most of it. However, I doubt the substitution works just like that, I expect that you have to adjust the amount of sour cream as well. I wonder if an egg is also needed for binding.

      • I’ve cut eggs out lol. Thankfully wheat is still my friend. Perhaps I’ll give it a try, what texture should the dough be—pliable but not sticky ?

        • Ok, then no eggs 🙂 Yes, exactly, the dough should be pliable but not sticky. I think it’s a good idea to add the flour gradually and knead well after each addition, until you have reached the desired consistency.

          I always roll out the dough between two parchment papers, but if you use wheat flour, I guess you can leave out the topmost parchment paper and just sprinkle wheat flour on top of the dough that it doesn’t get stuck to the rolling pin. Almond flour based dough just usually requires two parchment papers, because it simply gets stuck to the rolling pin.

    • I’ve read a lot of recipes that say you can substitute sunflower seed flour for nut flours and it works just as well. A good option for those who are allergic.

  44. Hi Elviira!
    I made these crackers and they turned out great! I love your website! I was wondering how you store them once they’ve been made…in the pantry or refrigerator?

  45. Hi 🙂 I have just come across your blog for gluten free cooking and saw these chives crackers, am so excited, can’t wait to try them! I am not actually celiac but I find I have an intolerance to wheat and dairy when I have it, my stomach blows up like a balloon, so I am looking at trying more gluten free options 🙂 great recipes xx

    • Hi Alana! Welcome to my blog 🙂 Hope you like these crackers, for me they have always been a huge success, last time I served them in my Halloween party (I cut out bat shapes from the dough). If you try them out, please tell me how you liked them!

  46. I’m so happy I found your blog! My house is slowly being filled with such fantastic low-carb goodies. 🙂 Over the last couple of months I have tried *a lot* of low-carb recipes from a lot of places and haven’t been very impressed with much of what I’ve made, but so far I’ve loved every recipe I’ve tried from your site. Thank you! I made these crackers a few nights ago and they were super easy to make (I actually got them in the over before my toddler went to bed), full of flavor, and *delicious*. I really enjoyed them quite a lot. 🙂

  47. Do you know of any way to freeze these, either in their prepared form or just in their dough state? I have two family members with diabetes that these would be perfect for on Christmas, but I won’t want to spend the time in the kitchen that day making them from scratch. The recipe looks amazing though, and I was wondering if you could offer any guidance in that area :0)

    • Danielle, I’ve had good experiences in freezing the ready crackers. I just put them in a ziplock bag. They keep well in the freezer for a couple of weeks.

  48. These look tasty! I have no chives on hand, but may make some of these today with cayenne pepper and a touch of garlic in the dough, then on the last roll of the rolling pin, sprinkle some sea salt on top and lightly press it in before baking. I’m a bit of a salt fiend. Bet they’d also be great with rosemary and a bit of lemon zest in them, and with cracked black pepper lightly pressed onto them before baking. I’m looking forward to making a variety of yummy crunchies, and am thinking these will be a handy treat for me to take when we go to family get-togethers for the holidays! Thanks!

    • Hi Lene! Thanks for the comment! The beauty of these crackers is that they are easily modifiable, you simply can use your favorite spices. And your ideas for variation sound wonderful! Especially the combination of lemon zest and black pepper is really yummy!

  49. These crackers sound fantastic. I am not sure which type of sour cream you are using. Is it the pudding-like texture sour cream that is bought in containers, or the liquid pourable type?

  50. Hello, the nutrition content is cut off how many servings does this make and how many crackers and carbs per serving?

  51. Sorry! It seems to cut the table for small devices. Have to try to find a solution for that… But here’s the info, let me know if there are still problems in seeing it:
    Nutrition information Protein Fat Net carbs kcal
    The whole batch: 57.9 g 136.9 g 18.9 g 1539 kcal
    Per cracker if 40 crackers in a batch: 1.4 g 3.4 g 0.5 g 38 kcal
    Per cracker if 60 crackers in a batch: 1.0 g 2.3 g 0.3 g 26 kcal
    Per cracker if 80 crackers in a batch: 0.7 g 1.7 g 0.2 g 19 kcal

  52. I have made this recipe with both sour cream and plain Greek yogurt and both are amazing. I crave these crackers. They are the best snack and they are best plain. I have tried to “improve them” with a piece of cheese or some spinach dip. But they are best by themselves.

  53. Thanks, Brandy, for your comment! Great to hear about your variations and that you like the recipe.

  54. Elviira,
    What’s your favorite way to serve these crackers. I know everything would be great but what is your personal, most often used item to put on top?
    PS….Celery has never looked so beautiful as it is in a beautiful picture of you.

  55. Hi Lexy, thanks for the compliments 🙂 I prefer to serve these with cream cheese spread (usually some herbs and salt mixed with unflavored full-fat cream cheese), or then just with pure cream cheese.


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