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  1. Hi,
    I was wondering could you make this with regular butter or would it just not have the same taste? I would love to make some fat bombs soon rather than waiting several weeks 🙂

  2. Fat bombs meet my needs for a sweet treat whilst assisting in meeting my fat intake. Just love the different flavors.

  3. I love fat bombs because they help me when I need a treat….like a dessert. I’ve lost 30 lbs since using Martina’s Keto app.

  4. I definitely have a sweet tooth and fat bombs definitely ease that craving 🙂 I can’t wait to try this recipe!

  5. Fat bombs are essential on the keto diet, need a little extra fat boost or help stop a craving, I love fat bombs do the trick every time… Thanks for the opp to win a book.
    Good luck

  6. on Keto diet I often do not want/need to eat so a savoury or sweet Fat bomb does the trick. Keeps my fat intake and energy levels high. Brilliant invention!

  7. Fat bombs are brilliant for helping me keep my hands off carby snacks in a household where no one else is doing keto!

  8. Fat Bombs fill you up without carbs. I am easily satisfied without eating more protein or “lettuce.”

  9. I love fat bombs because they are a simple way to get your required fats in. They are so versatile that you can make them savory or sweet! It’s a healthy and quick alternative to conventional sweet treats that are loaded with sugar and carbs, With minimal healthier carbs and healthier sugars for our bodies, it’s a win win for everyone!

  10. I love fat bombs because they are delicious, they help me curb my sweet tooth, especially during that time of the month when i crave chocolate! (TMI maybe? lol)
    My kids even like them and sometimes convince me to let me share a couple with them, LOL! so you know they truly are delicious!
    This also tells me its not just me psyching myself up to eat something that I don’t really like! 😛 They’re truly satisfying especially after coming home from a work out, I can have a fat bomb (or two) and not pick at the dinner I am preparing.
    They have truly been lifesavers in sticking to the keto plan. I have for a couple years been hoping and working hard to get off my metformin (for insulin resistance) and high blood pressure medications, and the keto diet and fat bombs have already shown great results in getting me on that path. I hope that I can get more recipes to do other kinds and share with friends that are looking for a long term solution to their weight problems.
    So thank you!

  11. I love fat bombs because they give me a great way to curb cravings and feel full, even when I’m PMSing and need a little extra food in my life. Fat bombs keep the keto magic going strong!

  12. I love fat bombs because … FAT BOMBS! The name says it all! Sweet or savory, fat bombs are, by far, the best treats ever created for those of us who follow a keto/LCHF lifestyle. Martina’s latest cookbook, “Sweet & Savory Fat Bombs – 100 Delicious Treats for Fat Fasts, Ketogenic, Paleo, and Low-Carb Diets” is exactly what I need because I tend to make the same recipe over and over and over … I definitely need to incorporate more variety into my food plan to keep it new and exciting!

  13. I sometimes have difficulty getting enough fat in so this is a great way to increase my intake. So satisfying too!

  14. Fat bombs are the bomb when I’ve had a busy day and haven’t been able to cook properly. They give me enough boost to get to the next meal.

  15. Why I love fat bombs? Is it possible not to love them? They’re quick, easy to prepare and take everywhere, full of flavour: both sweet and savoury, low in carbs… And of course, they are FAT- and I LOVE FAT 🙂

  16. Fat bombs are a great, quick, delicious way to make sure i am hitting my macros. They are also a great way to have a “treat” when I am having cravings that might make me cave otherwise.

  17. I really love fat bombs because they help me meet my fat requirements in a delicious easily controlled manner. I often use them as a “snack” on the days I need to balance my macros.

  18. I’m new to keto, less than a week and I’m seeing great results. I’m trying to find innovative and convenient ways to get the fat needed. I hate avocado, unfortunately, so these may be an answer. I can’t say why I love fat bombs because I haven’t tried them, being so new to this. Thanks for the recipe and the contest

  19. Fat bombs are great to take to work and have something ready for when you feel in need of some clean energy.

  20. Keto eating has completely opened my eyes. I have tried on an off being paleo and joined many challenges, but recipes tend to be very long and complicated, less straightforward. Fat bombs are such a discovery! I never thought snacking would be so delicious and also so much fun and quick to make. I am always craving to eating my next strawberry cheesecake or orange chocolate fat bomb, you name which one, plus they look so pretty! I live in Barcelona and currently it’s so hot here that everyone is always having an ice cream in the street – freezer fat bombs are THE best summer alternative, definitely satisfy me in the same way if not more, and with the sugar-free bonus!

  21. I like the idea of fat bombs because I don’t think I get enough fat in my diet. Being from Nigeria means that a lot of the ingredients taken for granted in making them is not easily available. I’m hoping for recipes that will help me adapt local ingredients.

  22. I love the Keto food plan. but I have only just started making fat bomb but have very few recipes. Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of time to research new recipes so I am sticking to the 2 that I have. The examples posted on your blog sound amazing, cant wait to try them

  23. I love fat bombs because they help satisfy my sweet cravings and they assist in increasing my fat intake 🙂
    (Also, they taste good 😉

  24. I have tried several fat bombs from the book and all I can say is HEAVEN !!!!
    I can’t believe I’m eating something so good for me that taste delicious, thank you keto ❤️❤️

  25. Fatbombs are awesome. I have tried a number of different recipes for them and always interested in trying new flavours. I have a stash of them in the fridge at work for those particularly busy days where I might not get a proper snack or lunch and they keep me going. They also do wonders on my bloodsugar and help prevent spikes and lows. I can’t wait to try your new recipie. Thank you for sharing

  26. I am in love with fat bombs because they give me a no-brainer way to fill in my macros for the day…and of course they taste delicious. Martina’s recipes are the best!

  27. I absolutely love a good fat bomb or two in the evening when I still need to consume more fat (a LOT of days! Lucky me!) It makes the time after dinner so enjoyable. I especially love a raspberry chocolate one that I make. I love these and even have my doctor’s approval for this way of eating. The fat bomb book sounds divine!

  28. Fat bombs are great if you are doing a fat fast to accelerate into ketosis. I use these daily as a delicious and nutritious food to keep healthy levels of good fats in my diet. I make these chocolate (70-85% Cocoa) and coconut oil with crushed macadamia nut fat bombs that everyone in my family loves. I am always wanting to try new recipes and these ones here look great!

  29. I love Fat Bombs. They are great to get the needed fat for a Keto dieta and a great way to eat some sweet treats. I love them. Thanks for the wonderful recipes.

  30. Fat bombs have been a key to success on a keto diet: adding the necessary fats and eliminating any feelings of deprivation!!! Fat bombs where have you been my whole life?!❤️

  31. I have only recently started eating fat bombs and believe it or not I do believe they are helping me lose weight

  32. To be honest, I have never had a Fat Bomb.
    Don’t get me wrong they all look so great, but just starting out on keto and I haven’t had the monies to order your new book or try to make them with all of the new foods to buy and the stuff to make things with.
    Have a great day

  33. I have been on a ketogenic diet for the last 3 months and quite early hit a plateau in my weight loss. A closer look at my macros lead me to believe that I wasn’t getting enough fat with my meals. I love Fat Bombs because they are imperative for me to keep my fat ratio up and reach my goals. I only have a couple of go-to’ fat bomb recipes and Martina’s book would be so helpful to bring some variety into my meal plans!

  34. I have trouble finding enough fat to add when eating, so Fat Bombs are so necessary! I cannot wait to try this one!

  35. I love fat bombs because they allow me to still reach my fat goals without overdoing dairy—which is very easy for me to do.

  36. Whenever I’m craving something sweet, these babies come to the rescue! Easy to make and it calms my sweet cravings!

  37. Why I like fat bombs… they aren’t just for me, I make them for the kids! SO much better than anything I could buy at the store. I control the ingredients!! I make them with only ingredients I feel confident in using and as a mother that is HUGE!! We can take them to parties, I keep them in the freezer, I have given them as gifts at Christmas, I take them to school on ‘bring a snack day”… I need this book for more recipes!! I keep getting it from the library. I own your cookbook and adore it.
    Thank you and keep up the amazing work. It is much appreciated!!

  38. I love fat bombs , I start my day with coffee and cream and a couple of fat bombs.That keeps me happy till 1pm when i have brunch, Then for afternoon snack around 4pm coffee and fat bombs!. Delicious, nutritious and good for you.

  39. This book is on my wishlist! Thanks so much or the chance to win it 🙂 I am especially excited about the savory bombs – I think they’d be super for taking to potlucks and such. I enjoy fat bombs because I feel completely satisfied after eating just one or two.

  40. Fat bombs are what keeps me on track. When I am craving something sweet I know I can grab one of these, satisfy my craving and still stay on my keto plan.

  41. I’m just now starting the keto diet, and am tapering off to 20-30 gross grams after this week. I’m already seeing that I need more fat, and reading up on fat bombs sounds amazing! I’m also like you, I’d prefer the savory and salty ones over the dessert ones.

  42. Fat bombs are great because:

    1) They provide and easy way to get the ketogenic requirements of fat for the day without much effort
    2) They taste wonderful and can be made in soooo many different ways
    3) They are made with super healthy ingredients like coconut oil or butter
    4) They are usually easy to make and don’t take long to set up for quick eating 🙂
    5) They come in soooooo many flavors

  43. I love all the different flavors of fat bombs! What ever I am craving -“Theres a fat bomb for that”

  44. As a former sugar junkie and constant grazer I love fat bombs for killing my urge to snack! One or two bites and I am totally good:)

  45. I have been on keto for 8 weeks and I’ve found that fat bombs are a major contributor to staying on track with fat intake and fighting cravings. If I have a craving, I grab a quick fat bomb from the fridge and it’s all taken care of with no cheating. I used fat bombs to get my husband to switch to keto (“how can I give up treats?”). I’ve got 3 or 4 go-to recipes but I’m really looking for more variety. I’m going to make these orange ones this weekend and I’m super excited to discover some of the savory recipes.

  46. I’m a mental health therapist and often times don’t have time to eat between clients. Fat bombs are a quick way for me to eat something and provide me with energy and some good fats in between when I have time to eat a full meal. They also serve as a great snack that keeps me on track with my Paloe/Keto diet. I would love a copy of this book to try all of the flavors!

  47. I have a huge sweet tooth! Fat bombs help me satisfy that sweet craving and I get the fat that my body needs! Perfect package!

  48. Fat bombs are a must for me to get in all the fat I need for the day, and they are a perfect small dessert. I mostly make sweet versions. Thanks for the chance!

  49. I love fat bombs for the simple reason that they make the whole keto diet work. I had tried eating ‘low carb’ before and was always hungry. After starting this eating plan with some friends, I realized that the fat bombs were the difference between success and failure. 12 pounds lighter! Thanks!

  50. Taking in healthy FAT to balance my micronutrients is easier with FatBombs. The deliciousness adds an unexpected delight in the dessert family when eating veggies and meats as the staples.

  51. I love the Ketogenic way of life, I’ve been on keto for 6 weeks now which is the longest I’ve ever stuck to a diet ever! One of the main reasons I stuck with it is being able to feel like I’m cheating by eating the fat bombs. It makes feel like I’m being naughty mixing chocolate and butter together lol
    I would love this book to expand my fat bomb recipes

  52. Fat bombs are a healthy and satisfying way to erase hunger pains and to lose weight. Most fat bomb recipes areal fairly easy to make. It’s so nice to have a cookbook with recipes for all types of fat bombs. It makes life so much easier.

  53. Fat bombs are my favorite way to jump up my fat intake. They let me feel like I’m treating myself without sabotaging my progress!

  54. I love fat bombs because they’re so delicious! They really satisfy my sweet tooth and fill me up so I’m less likely to snack.

  55. My hubby and I both have a sweet tooth and cheesecake is my favourite dessert of all time so this book packers full of delectable delights would be a real treat

  56. fat bombs are amazing since i work a crazy schedule. they save me! i work till 2 am so these are perfect to take in my lunch box as a midnight snack

  57. I LOVE making fat bombs, there an excellent way to ensure I get in my fat, they’re delicious and help conquer my sweet tooth…especially when the kids are chowing down on their ice cream.

  58. I made my first batch of fat bombs yesterday. I will continue to keep them handy for a quick treat for either between meals or as a night time snack.

  59. I started eaten clean in June and have been following Dr Axe. I have loved my changes but in watching his webinar on weight loss (which I still have not loss much weight) he did mention that this was a great diet for loosing weight. I am trying to set myself up for success with the correct way and some great recipes. This sounds like a great tool to help in the process. Thank you!! Debra

  60. I’m curious about the new cookbook now! I’m looking forward to trying this recipe. I too will have to order the coconut butter and silicon molds and have to wait to make this recipe, lol.

  61. I LOVE Fat Bombs because they are usually so easy to make and so satiating for such a small item. I can’t forget that they taste great as well. JUST L O V E THEM!

  62. Fat Bombs are delicious and really satisfy my sweet tooth. Would love to have more recipes for them.

  63. When I have the craving for something sweet, my go to is a fat bomb! My most favorite has been the lemon cheesecake bomb as I love citrus. Going to make the above orang fat bomb tonight!

  64. They just stop me from wavering off my lifestyle at the end of an vening . I don’t feel as though I am missing something.

  65. I have not tried Fat bombs yet, but they look delicious and I definitely want to add them to my go-to recipes!

  66. I’ve never tried fat bombs but they look delicious and I definitely want to add them to my go-to recipes!

  67. I am only 6 weeks on the keto WOE and I am hooked!! My entire family has adapted KETO and we love watching each other’s successes! Fat bombs are my saving grace and the only way I’m able to keep my fat intake at a higher level. So far, I’ve found some recipes online and made up a few of my own. I can’t wait to build a nice collection of keto friendly cookbooks!!

  68. Fat bombs are my favorite way to satiate my sweet tooth! Chocolate and coconut flavors are my staples but I’m still fairly new to keto and have so much more to try out!

  69. Near the end of the day, I often scramble to meet my fat macros. Fat bombs makes the process so much easier so that I can meet my macros with one convenient little snack and avoid having to play Sherlock Holmes in my kitchen trying to detect the best thing(s) to eat w/o going over my limit. Fat bombs are the best.

  70. Fat bombs are such a quick way to get your macros on the go! Plus my kids love helping me make them with fun molds!

  71. Oh wow! This looks so yummy. I have never tried “fat bombs” before, but look forward to trying this and other recipes like this one. Looks like the book would be awesome.

  72. I love Fat Bombs as they keep me sticking to my plan, and take care of any cravings for something sweet

  73. Oooo yummy. I have printed the recipe you shared and cannot wait for the weekend to try them. I am new to LCHF lifestyle and still battle with the nibbles in between. Thank you for all your sharing, I love reading your Blog.

  74. I love fat bombs! following a L.CHF woe they help keep me full if I need a snack.. Thanks for the recipes

  75. I have never had them. They look very delicious. I am a Type 1 Diabetic and am working on going to a lower carb diet and including more good fats. These look like an amazing way to do that.

  76. Fat bombs are so good. Great to get your fats in, plus I find the ones made with coconut oil tend to rev up my metabolism, plus help me not be hungry. So many good ones out there.

  77. Fat bombs are keto candy. Nice to have on hand because sometimes I just need food. NOW. Also great to close out a meal of veg and protein…it just makes it feel like the meal is done and finished in style instead of that lingering feeling of wanting something more.

  78. I made fat bombs just a couple of times. I have been trying to get all the ingredients for things on hand so when I see a recipe I will be ready. I find the idea of them very interesting. I went from never cooking anything to making all kinds of things and stocking my kitchen up.

  79. I have a problem having enough fat in my diet. Fat bombs are the best way. Inaddition, they taste great not gross.

  80. Fat Bombs have kept me on my weight loss journey necessary for my health and to hopefully reduce my use of insulin for my type 2 diabetes. Before them I was ALWAYS hungry, but fat bombs keep that hunger in check without increasing my carbs.

  81. Fat bombs are an easy way to get a quick snack, without messing up my daily carbs! I love how versatile they are, and I make several different flavors at a time!

  82. I have a hard time getting in all my days daily so learning more about fat bombs and getting new recipes will really help. This book looks great!

  83. Thanks for all your great ideas – when you have “that” craving – this really helps out – and you feel really good and satisfied at the same time – awesome!!!

  84. I’ve never tried a fat bomb, they look like an interesting alternative to putting olive oil in and on my food!

  85. I would love to win your book to try your recipes. I have not tried fat bombs yet, but would love to try to make them. Been on a low carb, low fat diet (Profile diet), however, have been at such a stand still. would love to try your plan,

  86. Fat Bombs make you feel satisfied and are an elegant treat! Love them! And I love this recipe! I have Martina’s other book and it’s wonderful!

  87. I love fat bombs. Not only do they keep me in ketosis, they give clarity to my brain, give the extra boost of energy I need and take away any hungry feeling I may have. I love this website. Thank you so much. 5 ingredients, healthy and delicious. What else could we possibly want?

  88. I do love fat bombs! They are an ideal snack to pop in my mouth when I feel like I need “a little something!”

  89. I check my fat macros daily and when I see I need more just pop one or two Fat bombs. So easy and convenient when you make them ahead of time. Always looking for more good recipes.

  90. I love fat bombs because I have trouble getting enough fat in my diet. It’s tricky trying to cook for myself and my husband and three older kids who aren’t following a keto diet. My youngest is on Keto for seizure control, but is tube fed so it’s easy for him to comply. I also like them because they feel indulgent.

  91. I have trouble getting enough fat in my days and fat bombs are the easiest ways – and, really, the most delicious – ways to do that! I still have a sweet tooth, though, so I love getting my quick fix of yum in!

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