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  1. If you use two eggs instead of four, and add in oz of softened cream cheese and add 2tbls. of melted butter, the pancakes (or waffles) are much better and don’t taste like fried eggs.. Thank you for the recipe. I made the exact recipe first before modifying your recipe, and just wanted to share.

    Patrick Adams

  2. Interested in why you beat the whole eggs for ten minutes. For non keto waffles or pancakes I often separate and beat the whites til fluffy before adding to rest of ingredients. Can’t wait to try these! Today’s the day!!!!

    • Hi Syl, I beat the whole eggs because it’s less hassle than separating the eggs and beating the egg whites separately. Please let me know how the pancakes turned out and if you like them!

  3. This recipe sounds so good! I rarely eat pancakes but I like them. I just made biscuits with lupin flour and they are so good. I made keto gravy to go over them and another day I made a redi gravy to go over them with fresh canned tomatoes that my husband and I canned! I have ordered a pasta machine so I can make that with lupin flour but I need a recipe. Would you happen to have one? I sure hope so! Thank you for sharing for those of us that are struggling to find good recipes! Thank You

    • Hi Janet, unfortunately I don’t have a pasta recipe with lupin flour — but I keep that in mind and might develop one!

  4. I made these b/c I have lupin flour I wanted to use up. I’m SO glad I did!! They’re delicious!! Simple recipe! Thank you so much!!

  5. These are so much better than any packaged keto pancake mix. I’ve tried almond flour and coconut flour, but Lupin flour is by far the best. They actually tasted like normal pancakes. They definitely took a minute to make, but totally worth it!

  6. I’ve been meaning to try lupin flour for a while, but didn’t know how it would behave in recipes. Problem solved–thank you. Looking forward to more of your lupin recipes.

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