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  1. When I saw the recipe name in my inbox I couldn’t believe my luck. Schlemmerfilet Bordelaise- my comfort food back in Germany and dearly missed here in the US.
    After looking into several supermarkets I ended up with cod that was unfortunately not “brick-like” as your pollock, but I thought I give it a try anyway. Also I wanted to try the almond version (because to be honest, I trusted your husband in being the Schlemmerfilet expert) but I ended up with the pork rinds (not enough almond flour in the house). I used italian seasoning.
    To make a long story short- this german family is in Bordelaise heaven. I loved the flavor and the texture of the crust, the fish was just right not dry or anything. It is also easy and fast to prepare- just wonderful.
    I will try other herb mixes and will continue looking for the perfect fish fillet.
    Thank you very much for this wonderful recipe.

  2. This looks….DREAMY….
    I love a good fish recipe and buttery fish…WITH a crust…well, what can I say?

    Let me ask…the “grated” parm that you can buy next to the spaghetti sauce is all I have right now. Yours looks more like the proper “shredded” grated parm that you can buy in bags or grate at home from a solid chunk. Do you think it would work with either one, or was there a size preference?

    • Hi Jennifer, I grated the parm myself from a solid chunk, but the store-bought should work equally well in this recipe. I think the flavor is not that sharp, though. Hope you’ll like the dish!

  3. Wow, cannot wait to try this one tonight! I am so thankful for your easy and delicious recipes. I find them to be so easy to follow, convenient, and appealing to the whole family. Thank you so much for your talent in coming up with these, and for sharing them with all of us!

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