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  1. Just went to the website you have posted and searched for sugarfree white chocolate and it states item not found 🙁

    • Sorry! Obviously I didn’t update the directions after my unsuccessful experiments with heavy cream — now the directions are updated and butter used instead of heavy cream.

  2. The truffles sound delicious! And that little jar is beautiful! Is it available somewhere for sale? Or is is one of a kind?

      • Thank you for letting me know this. I love the little jar and may order some. they would make lovely gifts and could be filled with many different things. Decorating it would be very easy for me, as I have a myriad of supplies in my sewing room,: yarn, lace, ribbon, etc. I wish our local Ikea store was closer, but it is a two hour drive to get there. So I will probably order online. Thank you again.

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