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    • I bet white chocolate would work, too, however, here in Finland we don’t have any decent sugar-free white chocolate. I could make my own, though.

  1. It concerns me that you are advocating the use of essential oils in your recipes. Although you only use two drops in this recipe, essential oils are very powerful chemical compounds of the plant. Even with your warnings not to use more than 2 drops, there are those that do not comprehend the powerful nature of these oils. Personally it is a turnoff that I would avoid publishing in any way, shape or form. Here and/or in your book.

      • Hi, lovely Elviira! Is there confusion over the term “essential oil” in cooking? I take it to mean real orange oil like this:
        Sorry for the long link, it’s for Boyajian Orange Oil – Pure – 1 oz. I usually buy the 3-pack of orange, lemon and lime oils. Very strong, hence your 2 drop warning!!
        Every one of your recipes has been absolutely delicious! I’ve turned several of my friends on to your cookbook and site, and we all are in love with your meals. You are my Queen of All Things Keto and I so appreciate your palate. Thank you for all your hard work in developing recipes that are so healthy and so tasty and have only a handful of ingredients! When you use excellent ingredients, you wind up with excellent meals.
        I’m so glad you and your family are doing well during these scary times. All the best to you always!

        • Hi Esmerita, thank you for your kind words! They mean a lot to me. So happy to hear you have found my recipes useful. That orange oil looks like a great option to be used in cooking. Usually, I use Now Foods food-grade essential oil, but that Boyajian oil might be even better option! All the best to you and your family! Be safe!

  2. I love all your recipes. Thank you for doing what you do! Much love from Tucson, Arizona, USA

    • Hi Elviira,
      Glad to know you and your family are all well and safe. I’ve been following your blog for some time now and very much enjoy your recipes and love reading little bits about your life in Finland. We live in Washington State in the USA and very much desire to one day visit your beautiful country. I’m delighted you created this Orange Creamsicle Fudge, I just bought a few Oranges and Lemons and have quite a bit of Coconut Manna. I always get cravings in the Springtime for Strawberries, Lemons and Oranges, maybe it’s their bright colors and refreshing taste. Last week was my birthday but we couldn’t go out due to the virus quarantine. But that was okay, I made a lowcarb Lemon layer cake with a Strawberry mousse filling, topped with a whipped cream/Cream Cheese Lemon Frosting. It was fun to make and my husband sang Happy Birthday to me, while our kids and grandkids joined in over the phone. I imagine many people will be having birthdays and other special days under quarantine too. The best gift of all, is knowing my family is still well and safe and knowing others, like yourself are safe too. God bless you and your family during these unusual and difficult times.

      • Hi Lisa, thank you so much for sharing some information about yourself and your family. And belated happy birthday to you! So great to hear you found a way to celebrate it in these circumstances. If you ever come to Finland, let me know and I will personally take care that your visit will be memorable! All the best to you and your family, stay healthy and safe <3

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