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  1. I can’t seem to find erythritol crystals anywhere in Portugal. Can I replace it with coconut sugar or some other sweetener? Thanks!!

    • Hi Ana, unfortunately I cannot recommend coconut sugar since it’s high in carbs. If you find xylitol you can use that instead of erythritol. On the other hand, you can order erythritol online also to Portugal, for example iHerb delivers also to Portugal and the price is pretty competitive (I’ve used them to order erythritol and other special groceries and I live in Finland). If you use code IRA341 in the checkout you will get $5 off of your first order, and for this weekend they have special offer with 10% off of the entire order with code WEMAY30 just in case you want to try out.

    • Hi Claire, and thanks for your question. Unfortunately coconut flour doesn’t work here because it works in a completely different way than almond flour. It needs huge amounts of eggs and fluid.

  2. Great to see a low carb recipe where I have almost all the ingredients (I live in Ethiopia, so it’s always a challenge). So I don’t have the lavendar but I do have some lovely fresh lemons and ginger …. will try this weekend!

    • Joanna, thanks for your comment! I bet you have juicier and tastier lemons in Ethiopia than we here in cold Finland… Hope you like the recipe!

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