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  1. Hi there! My husband and I would love to make this but we only have drumsticks in the freezer. Can you recommend a cooking time estimate?


  2. Wish I could insert a pic to show you, Ive recently started uni but have been trying to stick to a low carb diet so cooked this tonight wish a side of roasted carrots and asparagus… all I can say is WOW best tasting tea ive had in everrr, super easy, fast and cheap to make!! will deffo be adding this to the regular menu and might even treat my flatmates to it one night!

    • Hi Ellie, thanks for your comment! Pity indeed that this system doesn’t let to add photos… So great to hear that you liked it!!

  3. This looks awesome! My hubby loves extra veggies tho so I was wondering how some fresh mushrooms would taste added in with the onions. He isn’t a fan of sour cream also but i think the onions will help mask that flavor…… is the correct?

    • Hi Ashley, thanks! I bet mushrooms are a great addition. It’s true that onion masks the sour cream flavor, but the result is anyway more sour than if you would just use for example heavy cream (which you naturally can use, you just have to cook it long so that it reduces and forms thick sauce).

  4. Just wanted to let you know that I just made this for my husband and I and we licked our plates clean! Thank you so much for this quick and easy recipe 😀

  5. I made this a few weeks ago and it was a huge hit! I plan on making it again and before I do I just wanted to verify that a green onion is a scallion? (probably a silly question but just wanted to check) Thanks in advance for your response and of course for the delicious recipe!

  6. wow,i like simple and easy ways of preparing and cooking recipes.I want to learn more techniques and apply in my own cooking ability.

    • Hi, thank you for your comment! Please feel free to check my other recipes as well, I love to develop simple and easy recipes!

  7. Just tried this today and it was a success! I had to add a little water because the sauce was too thick. Thanks for this great and easy recipe!

  8. i think its yummy, healthy and very simple to cook. I’ll try it for my family. Thank you and more simple but yummy dishes

  9. I will try preparing this recipe. Seems easy to prepare. I do hope I will be successful though!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I find it so easy to prepare and i would surely love the taste coz im more of simple ingredients. low fats guarantee.perfect for my family.

  11. I’m a celiac patient so plz tell the recipes which r gluten free so I would try them specially the recipe of bread n pizza etc

    • Hi, all my recipes are gluten-free! Just click under the header where it says “Recipes” and you’ll see all my recipes, also for bread and pizza.

  12. My family love your recipe!. Im looking for more chicken recipe and finaly I found yours ♡ thank you

    • Thank you for your comment! Great that you like it. Yes, this dish is not very spicy but rather mild. Please feel free to add more spices if needed!

  13. Hi! I made the recipe last week and it was AMAZING. My family devoured it. My dad said he would like to try it with chicken legs instead of breasts. How can I prepare the legs? Thank you!!

    • Hi Gisela, so great to hear that you family loved it! Chicken legs are best baked in oven. I suggest that you bake them in the oven until done, then place on a skillet and make the sauce following the recipe. How does this sound?

  14. hey, i really loved this and cant wait to try it out! I know you have worked hard to perfect it, my father is a heart parient and is restricted from having rich food like butter! Can I use oil instead of butter and get similar taste if not the exact same!?

    • Hi Mobruka and thanks for your comment! You can use coconut oil or olive oil instead of butter, they are also good for the heart. Actually, after some thinking I recommend light olive oil because of its quite neutral taste, coconut oil might have too strong coconut taste for this dish. Hope it works out!

  15. Simple and easy to serve! Thanks for sharing nicely! kindly give us the contents and photo of that sour sauce ingredient… How to find it in supermarkets and if unasavailable how to replace it?

    • Thank you for your comment! You can use sour cream or cream fraiche. In case you don’t find those, you can replace that with regular unflavored, unsweetened yogurt and regular cream.

  16. Please give me some recipes that are very easy & nutritious to prepare for my family..thank you very have a nice day…God bless all☺

    • Thank you for your comment, you can find my recipes right here on my blog! I also have written cookbooks which you find from Amazon or just click that image on the sidebar on this blog where it says “Buy my Book”.

    • Hi Tina, it should be something sour and all purpose cream makes the dish too bland. You can try to add lemon juice, but as there is cream, it might be that it separates when you add acid lemon juice. If you only can find sour cream, I recommend it. Also a combination of plain yogurt and cream is fine.

    • Hi, already the word “Nestle” makes me goosebumps. I haven’t yet seen a product from Nestle which wouldn’t be full of artificial crap. Sorry for the hard words, but I recommend that you stay away from it. Nestle couldn’t care less about your health. Moreover, this recipe needs something sour it’s simply too bland with just regular cream, so I really recommend sour cream with it.

  17. This is totally for the students who don’t even have the time to make anything complicated. Thanks a lot for this easy recipe..

    • Thanks for your comment, Mayisha! Yes, I never thought of that, but indeed, the dish is also great for students.

  18. recipe,description,explanation and photography….so perfect ! Love the minimalisticness of it all. Totally inspired. Thank you for the marvellous post.

    • Hope you like it! I usually make something with cauliflower; if I’m busy I just cook a whole cauliflower and serve it as side, or if I have more time I prepare mashed cauliflower. Very basic… In addition I serve fresh veggies.

    • That’s a difficult question 🙂 I live in Finland and use German sour cream (or actually crème fraîche, they import it here). My advice is to choose sour cream or crème fraîche that contains as much fat as possible, is very thick and is without any food additives. Hope this helps!

  19. So easy to do menu. Thanks esp that it suits me. My sugar is starting to rise and i can stl savor delicious recipes. Thank you.

    • Hi Noralyn, my all recipes are meant for diabetics. The most important thing for diabetics is to reduce the amount of carbs. My recipes are both low-carb and healthy. Hope you like them!

  20. Thank you very much for this, love to try this one. I’ve done similar recipe before and called it chicken in white sauce, and ingredients are cooking oil, chicken, carrot,potato and all purpose cream. Your recipe seems really delicious garnished with onions, and you suggested to try parsley. I will try this, and we have some basil in our garden, will will try with it too.

  21. Well…I wasn’t that expert in the kitchen so that when I came across of your recipe I became interested and tried it at once. The ingredients are readily available and the procedure is easy. The taste is delicious and it didn’t make me looks like a trying hard. Thanks to you.

  22. This is absolutely useful for my family because there are 4 of us who have been into insulin treatment for years now. I am recently diagnosed with borderline high blood sugar.

    • Thank you for your comment! I’m glad to hear that the recipe is useful and I hope it helps you control the blood sugar levels.

  23. I love the recipes. If possible I would love to receive via email more low carb recipes.

    • Hi Lorraine and thanks for your comment! Currently I mail only my new blog posts, but on Facebook I publish often Facebook-exclusive recipes. Maybe you would like those?

  24. I have to say, this was a great recipe! It was easy, fast and tasted amazing! I like the sauce a little bit thicker so I had less juice left in the pan and it came out delicious!

  25. Wow. I normally don’t post comments on recipes, but this really deserved one! I was a bit hesitant about the sour cream, because I don’t normally eat it, but this chicken was seriously delicious! The sauce was the perfect consistency, and it only took a handful of ingredients that I already had on hand! I am so happy I found this recipe; I now know what to make on a weeknight after a long day at work! Thank you soo much for this!!

    • Thanks for your comment, I really appreciate that you posted it! I’m also very happy that you liked the recipe!

  26. Made it tonight and it was heavenly! Thanks for the detailed tips. Otherwise I might have been more lax and not had the results I did. My son liked the sauce so much he scooped all left on the serving dish and put it on his baked potato. I don’t eat potatoes but my other family members do. This does satisfy my cravings for a sour cream and chive baked potato. Yum!

  27. I was really excited to make this because we eat chicken for dinner about 80% of the time, and I am completely running out of ideas ! I was also really nervous because my boyfriend is extremely picky ! – as in he likes the flavor of onions, but not the onions themselves -. With that being said, I went super light with EVERYTHING. The taste was AMAZING, except it was super subtle. I found myself having to get up and add sauce several times. I look forward to trying it again with the recommended amount of ingredients. Thanks so much for the new recipe !!

    • Hi Allie, thank you for your comment! Great that you and your boyfriend liked the chicken! You can easily give some variation to the dish by seasoning it with the spices of your preference.

  28. Hi!! This was an excellent recipe i added some red peppers strips and its was excellent as well..sorry for my english! Best regards from Paraguay

    • Hi Victor and thanks for your comment! Great that you liked the recipe. Well, I’m not a native English speaker either, I appreciate it when you took time to comment here.

  29. Would this recipe work with chives rather than green onions? I have a big patch of chives that I need to find uses for!

    • Hi Linda, yes, I would expect this works well with chives too. The key is just not to cook them too much, so that the flavor stays fresh and powerful. Hope you like it!

  30. This recipe is perfection! Followed the recipe exactly… I love pepper and it doesn’t need it! Thank you!

  31. I am going to be making this tonight! I will be linking back to this, just wanted you to watch for it. Looks delicious! Cant wait!

  32. I tried this tonight after getting home late from work and wanting something easy and just loved it. Highly recommended.

  33. Hi,

    When i tried to cook this, my sauce didnt go a golden brown colour like in the photos. mine just stayed white of the sour cream

    • Hi Lisa, you can also use regular heavy cream, however it doesn’t give that diverse flavor than what sour cream does. Moreover, you have to cook the heavy cream together with the chicken to reduce it in order to get thick sauce. Add the spring onion to the ready, thick sauce and let cook maximum 2 minutes. Hope this helps!

  34. I am from Australia so everything is listed in KJ. I have no idea what a Kcal is?

    I have tried looking online but i can’t find anything.

    Any help on what this would be in Kj or Cal? thank you

    • Hi Anne! kcal is the official abbreviation for kilocalories, Cal is equal to kcal, so both are used.

      You can simply feed the calorie amount to Google, press enter and you get immediately the value in joules. For example if you type: 400 kcal and press enter, Google gives you 1 673 600 joules which you can easily convert to kJ (= 1 673,6 kJ).

      Alternatively, if you would like Google to give the value immediately in kJ, you can feed: 400 kcal in kJ. Hope this helps!

    • Thank you for your response, I ended up figuring it out and feel a bit silly now! Thanks for the great recipe and responding so quickly 🙂

  35. I made this for dinner last night! I was amazing!! I did season the chicken with salt, pepper and thyme and I also added fresh mushrooms. I have picky eaters and they loved it! Thank you for the recipe.

    • Hi Jessica! So great to hear that you and also the picky eaters liked the recipe! Thank you for trying it out!

  36. Great simple recipe! Thanks for posting this. I definitely had too much sour cream for the amount of chicken I had but was able to save the meal. Will definitely make again.

    • Hi Katie! Thanks for trying my recipe! I’m sorry it didn’t turn out perfect, but I’m relieved that you managed to save the meal.

  37. I made this for lunch today. My son (who is definitely not low-carb; he eats like a typical teenage boy) loved it and so did I! So easy with ingredients I almost always have on hand. Served it with cauliflower “rice”. Yum!

  38. This looks amazing! Where I live we don’t have sour cream. Should I make some or is there a good substitute for it? Thank you!

  39. This looks very good! I’ve done a similar sauce but with a little bacon added atop ground beef and pork patties and loved it. Sometimes I think the simple green onion is much underused in great cooking. I’ll TRY this. 🙂

    • Thank you! I was really surprised how good this dish tastes when seasoned with just green onion. Hope you like it if you try out! Btw, you have fantastic recipes in your blog, I’m a regular visitor!


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