1-2-3 Bread (Dairy-Free)

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1-2-3 Bread

I don’t remember how many experiments were needed that I was satisfied with this recipe. I just can say many, and maybe some more. I wanted to have a really simple recipe for easy gluten-free low-carb bread made from ingredients you can find from almost every grocery store, or at least every health food store. Something which is easy to vary and makes a nice base for sweet or savory toppings.

Finding the best ratio between these simplest ingredients took looong time. Luckily my toddler loved most of the results, so did my parents whenever they happened to visit us and I was in the mood for baking (well, I’m always in the mood for baking…) Okay, stop talking, give the recipe, here it is, aquí está:




1-2-3- Bread with Cherry Tomatoes and Butter






I always bake this bread in a small loaf pan since the bread doesn’t rise much and I prefer a high bread anyway. If you use normal-sized (9 X 5 inch = 23 X 13 cm) loaf pan the bread will be quite flat. Another option is to double the recipe for the normal-sized pan, however then the baking time is longer, approximately an hour. I haven’t found small silicone loaf pans, mine is ceramic and I’ve found it from the nearest store. I really prefer silicone pans, the bread releases so much easier from them.

In case you don’t have a silicone loaf pan which usually doesn’t need greasing, it’s good to butter the glass or ceramic loaf pan generously with melted butter or with some other fat. Extra virgin coconut oil suits well for this. Also extra virgin olive oil is worth trying in case you don’t use butter. It might give its characteristic flavor to the bread, so if you use sweet toppings it might not be the best option. Sprinkling almond flour on the butter or coconut oil helps even more that the bread will nicely pop out of the pan.

Unlike my other bread recipe for Simple and Fluffy Gluten-Free Low-Carb Bread, this bread is a bit crumblier. It does hold nicely together and it’s nicely moist, but you cannot slice that thin slices than from the Simple and Fluffy Gluten-Free Low-Carb Bread.

I’ve tried few different brands of almond flour when developing this recipe. The best results I got with Bob’s Red Mill, which I actually don’t use normally. Unfortunately it’s not organic and I cannot find it very easily. I’ve also tried normal fat organic almond flour and other normal fat non-organic almond flour both of which I found from the nearest grocery store. Unfortunately I’ve got no idea about the brands. All I know is that the organic almond flour comes from Spain and non-organic from the USA. Both of them were working pretty well for this bread. I also tried organic fat-reduced almond flour from Ölmühle Solling, but that didn’t work very well, it left the bread flat and too dense.

This simple bread doesn’t have any added salt not only because I wanted it to suit both sweet and savory toppings, but also because I wanted to make it child-friendly. Even I usually use unrefined sea salt which is healthy, I don’t want to fill up my toddler with too much salt anyway. If you prefer bread with a salty touch, please feel free to add some salt, a teaspoon or even two depending on the salt you use and the preferred saltiness. Few drops of liquid stevia or a tiny amount of other sweetener enhances the flavors even more.

Another reason to make the recipe so simple is, that it’s easy to add some extras, like spices, herbs, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, flavors or even sweeteners depending on the mood and the purpose of use. How about banana bread? Dried or frozen cranberries and orange flavor? Chopped walnuts? Sun-dried tomatoes and olives? Zucchini? Pick your favorites and use your imagination!

And of course, last but not least, a simple recipe is easy to remember. Just 1 teaspoon baking powder, 2 cups almond flour and 3 eggs. 1-2-3 and there we go!

Do you have a recipe for a favorite bread you bake over and over again? Do you prefer plain, simple bread, or bread with all the fixings?






1-2-3 Bread (Dairy-Free)


1 teaspoon aluminium-free baking powder

2 cups = 480 ml = 8 oz = 230 g almond flour

3 extra large organic eggs


  1. Preheat the oven to 300 °F (150 °C).
  2. Mix the baking powder with the almond flour in a medium bowl.
  3. In a large bowl, beat the eggs with an electric mixer until almost white and fluffy. The mixture will expand remarkably.
  4. Fold the almond flour mixture gently to the eggs preferably with a rubber spatula until there are no lumps.
  5. Put the dough into a generously greased small loaf pan or a silicone loaf pan and level the top with a rubber spatula.
  6. Bake for 30–40 minutes or until a stick inserted into the loaf comes out dry.
  7. Let cool and cut into slices.


Nutrition information Protein Fat Net carbs kcal
Entire loaf: 73.0 g 133.0 g 23.8 g 1585 kcal
Per slice if 10 slices in a loaf: 7.3 g 13.3 g 2.4 g 158 kcal
Per slice if 15 slices in a loaf: 4.9 g 8.9 g 1.6 g 106 kcal
Per slice if 20 slices in a loaf: 3.7 g 6.7 g 1.2 g 79 kcal


1-2-3 Bread with Sugar-Free Jam


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Delicious and easy!! I just made this with my little girl, we did 1.5cups almond flour and 0.5cup of flax seed flour. Didn’t rise much but definitely tasted like bread. The kids said they preferred it to their usual loaf! HIT!!

Thanks for your comment, Mary-Kate! Great to hear that your kids preferred it, too! Flax seed flour sounds like a great idea, I might give it a try as well.

Great easy recipe but will it work in a bread maker that my wife could do while I was at work? Thank you for your time…

Hi Kevin, I doubt it would work in a bread maker, though you can certainly try it if you like.

Eggs are Dairy. This is deceiving for someone looking for a vegan recipe.

Eggs are not dairy…

According to the USDA eggs are not dairy. To be considered dairy the product must be made from milk, such as cheese, butter, etc. So this recipe is indeed dairy free but not vegan. A vegan would need to understand those definitions and their diet. My daughter is trying to go dairy free for awhile and I have made this bread and it is great. Even my 2 year old granddaughter loves it

Thank you for your comment! Great to hear that you and your family like the bread!

I am very excited to try this recipe,but I only have large eggs,so you I still only use 3 or would I need to add a fourth one to make of the difference? I want take sure I do this right so that I don’t waste the almond flour since it can be a bit expensive

Hi Sharon, thanks for your question. I would use 3 large eggs and maybe reduce the amount of almond flour by 1/4 cup (60 ml). Just remember to beat the eggs until very fluffy and pale, and fold the almond flour in very gently so that the bread will rise properly. Hope this helps!

Try adding a little can’t handle gum to make it rise.

Hi!! I just made your bread!! the flavor its good, but a little dense or it should be like that?? what r the measurements of your pan?? I was making it and when finished realized there was not so much dough so I baked it on a little aluminium mini loaf pan which was perfect for the amount of dough, but maybe that’s why it came out so dense??it’s 14.5cm x 8.4cm x 4.7 cm easy to put it i cms:)

Hi Zlo! Thanks for trying out my recipe! For me it sounds that the eggs could have been fluffier if the bread was too dense. Personally I use 16 cm x 10 cm x 5.5 cm pan, so the dimensions of your pan sound quite perfect!

This recipe is so awesome and simple.
I was thinking when I try this I would substitute the Almond Flour with Bob’s Red Mill Flaxseed Meal, for less carbs and much more fiber.
Do you think this would turn out alright?

I’ve never made my own bread before, and low-carb bread is so hard to find, not to mention expensive.

Hi Jake, so great to hear that you like the recipe! I’m afraid flax seed meal won’t work here. First of all, flax seeds absorb much more fluid compared to almond flour. Secondly, the texture might become rubbery and not bread-like at all. You can try replacing part of the almond flour with flax seed meal (let’s say 1/2 cup almond flour with 1-2 tablespoons flax seed meal) and add some fluid to the batter if it looks too dry. However, I haven’t tried out if this works, just that it’s something I would like to try out. Hope this helps!

This was easy to make but you need to use a very small loaf pan. So if your looking to make a normal slice of bread this is not going to give you that. I found the taste to be nutty and dense.

Thank you for your comment. Yes, that’s why I recommend a small loaf pan in the post.

Hi, I was wondering if you knew the total carb count for this loaf of bread? Based on the diets we are using in our household, and it is several, we need to reference back to the total carb count. I love to bake and would love to try this bread if possible. We have shopped for the ingredients and are ready to bake.

Hi Nancy, I just calculated (based on the information given by the manufacturers) that the entire loaf would contain quite exactly 50 g total carbs (exactly 49.98 g). Hope this helps!

If I want to make this in a large loaf pan do I simply double the recipe? & I also have an actual bread maker- would this work in that? Sorry but I’m just trying to figure out the easiest way to go about this 😉 Very excited about the recipe though! I’ve recently converted to paleo & while I don’t mind going off grains, I do miss bread at time.

Hi Sarah! Yes, doubling the recipe should work (at least it worked for me), but you have to also adjust the baking time. I think that for me it took some 50-60 minutes before the bread was done if I’m right. I haven’t tried out bread maker, but somehow I doubt that it would work here (just my wild guess). Great to hear about your new lifestyle! Hope you like this bread if you try it out!

I made this and it didn’t rise at all. Everything I have was fresh so I don’t think that was the problem. Any suggestions’s?

Hi Dawn, sorry to hear that the bread didn’t rise. For me the bread sometimes didn’t rise if I used very fine-textured almond flour or fat-reduced almond flour. Also too vigorous beating after adding the flour mixture might remove the air from the dough, not letting the bread to rise. Hope your next try is successful!

I just CANNOT find a almond flour bread that is good. My loaf is about 1 1/2 inches tall — definitely not big enough for a sandwich :(

Not sure what I am doing wrong……

Yours looks amazing! I just want to be able to enjoy a sandwich every once in a while.

Happened to mine as well :(

Hi Carla, I’m sorry to hear that the bread didn’t turn out that well. I noticed that when I used really fine almond flour the result is tense and the bread doesn’t rise properly. I wonder how coarse the almond flour was that you were using? Usually a bit more coarse brands like Bob’s Red Mill perform best when making this bread. By the way, did you also use small enough pan? Bigger pan makes flatter bread. Just let me know if I can further help you!

Just want to say what a great recipe, I am lactose,gluten,wheat,sugar and preservative intolerant thus eating normal bread impossible. This is so great for me and low card is an extra bonus.

Sharon, so great to hear that this recipe has helped you! Finding suitable recipes with all those intolerances must be hard. All the best to you!


Thanks, Melissa, for your observation! I checked the link when I approved that comment and it was fine, but obviously the site got hacked afterwards. I deleted the comment now. Thank you again for noticing it!

I will give this a try.Thanks for all your experimenting.

Thank you for commenting, hope you like the bread!

Just put my first loaf in the oven!!!!! Can’t wait until it comes out. I’ll post my thoughts.

Great! Please let me know how the bread turned out!

hi – I tried this recipe tonight and it didn’t rise. Ended up only being about an inch tall. Any recommendations?

Hi Melissa, I’m sorry to hear that the bread was a disappointment. I wonder what was wrong. Were the eggs at room temperature? They should be, since the room temperature eggs produce the fluffiest result (I should have emphasized this more in the recipe, my apologies). In any case, the beaten eggs should be really really fluffy and pale.

Also the texture of the almond flour matters. Which brand did you use? I once tried this with a very finely textured almond flour, and the bread was dense and didn’t rise properly. Then I realized that I have to use almost half less the very finely textured almond flour. In this recipe I’ve used the almond flour which has the same texture than Bob’s Red Mill almond flour.

I hope your next try is more successful!

Thanks for responding. I used Honeyville almond flour sifted and eggs at room temperature. I whipped the eggs for 4-5 minutes but they collapsed pretty quickly when I began incorporating the flour. I’ll try it again today.

Hi Melissa, I’ve heard that Honeyville almond flour has quite fine texture. I wonder if the amount should be slightly reduced in this recipe since usually you need less of the finely textured almond flour than what you need more coarse almond flour (like Bob’s Red Mill). Unfortunately I cannot get Honeyville almond flour here where I live, not even by ordering, otherwise I would try that out.

The eggs will inevitably collapse a little bit, but that shouldn’t matter. I usually use a rubber spatula to mix the dry ingredients and the eggs as gently as possible.

I wish you all the success with your next try! Please let me know how it went.

I get that it’s cooked in a bread pan, but it is more of a quiche/frittata eggy consistency rather than bread, no?

Hi Stu, it’s more of a bread (or cake-like) consistency, no eggy feeling there.

hi I was wondering if your recipe would work with coconut flour
thank you

Hi Joyce, unfortunately this recipe won’t work with coconut flour as coconut flour absorbs huge amounts of fluid compared to almond flour. You have to use much less coconut flour and much more eggs when making coconut flour bread. In addition you need some fluid, like heavy cream. Also the texture and consistency of coconut flour bread is different from that of almond flour bread. Hope this helps!

I am really looking forward to trying the bread but I have a slight problem. I can’t find almond flour anywhere. I can find brown rice flour, rye flour or soya flour but not almond flour. Do you think any of these would work and would any of these still be low GI/GL?
Many thanks x

Hi Louise, have you tried to order almond flour online? For example Amazon, iHerb, Vitacost and I think Netrition as well carry almond flour. Health food stores should also sell that.

This recipe is made for almond flour and unfortunately won’t work as such with any other flour. Soya flour would be low in carbs, but personally I don’t use it because of its phytoestrogens.

Haven’t tried amazon. Will look there now thank you :)

Trying this today:)

Hope you like it!


I just found your wonderful website. Your recipes are marvelous, I cannot wait to try them all.

Thank you for experimenting in order to get the perfect recipes!


Hi Gaby! Welcome on board :) Great to hear that you like my recipes. I would love to hear your comments if you try something out!

I added jalepeno and cheddar cheese, yum!

Hi Kelly, sounds reeeeally good!

Thanks so much for this recipe. My husband is doing a low carb diet (I’m trying to follow it as well) and we decided some sort of bread like food would hit the spot. I can bake but some of the recipes for low carb bread I found are complex. Really complex. Stupid complex. This recipe is as easy as it looks!

Just some notes:

I doubled the recipe and used eight large eggs.

I beat the eggs on medium speed for about 8 minutes.

I used parchment paper to prevent sticking. I greased the pan, inserted and cut the paper and then greased the paper just to make sure. When the bread was done I just lifted it out by the paper.

My husband is eating a sandwich as I type, thanks!

Hi Julia, that’s wonderful! Thank you for sharing your way to make the bread, it’s great to hear that you and your husband are happy with the result!

Can you double this and put it in a regular lof pan? How long would you cook it for? Thank you!

Hi Gayle! Yes, you can double it. I’ve tried it and for me it took approximately an hour.

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This recipe is wonderful. The nuttiness and texture of the almond flour really makes this both a great stand-alone recipe or a base for savory or sweet breads. I used it to make a loaf of focaccia bread by adding a little under a teaspoon of each of the following: salt, oregano, garlic powder, thyme, and basil. I also added a pinch of black pepper and two teaspoons of Parmesan cheese. I will definitely be making this bread again soon!

Diana, thanks for your comment. It’s so great to hear that you like the recipe. Your focaccia variation sounds really scrumptious!

Hi, I just wanted to know how to store the bread. Room temperature or fridge? How long does it keep?

Hi Anna, I prefer to store the bread tightly covered in the fridge. It keeps up to week.

I would like to try making your bread, however, almond flour is very expensive so if you please provide the dimensions of your baking pan, it would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks, Elaine

Elaine, I use 4 x 6.3 inch (10 x 16 cm) baking pan. Hope this helps!

Thank you so much for this simple recipe , I’ll give it a try today :)
I wanted to ask you if adding butter to the mixture would give it a better taste , I don’t know why all the other almond-bread recipes add butter while you didn’t . What do you think ?

Hi Sherine, thanks for your comment! I wouldn’t add butter to this particular recipe, it might make the bread too dense. I suppose the amounts of other ingredients need some changes if you add butter.

Btw, adding butter to almond bread sounds like an interesting idea, I really have to give it a try! Usually I just spread the butter on my bread, I don’t use it in the dough :)


I wanted to make a vegan version of this. Have you ever trid making it just with water and adding more flax meal?

Hi Andrea! No, I haven’t tried to replace eggs with water and flax meal when making this bread, even I have thought to try that. If you try out, please tell me how it worked!

Have you ever tried a variation with baking soda instead of powder? I am really trying to stay away from corn starch. I know there’s not much in a teaspoon so if you don’t think it’ll work I will still try this recipe as i bought a 5 lb bag of almond flour! lol

I am new to baking so I don’t exactly know what baking powder and/or soda are supposed to do. I do know that they are both bicarbonate but powder also has corn starch and some other stuff depending on the brand. Anyway thank you again for all your responses!

Hi Deana, I think I haven’t tried this bread with baking soda. However, I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work. Just add 1 tablespoon vinegar — preferably apple cider vinegar — to the dough in the end to ensure proper rising.

[…] This evening I made some pumpkin and Almond bread adapted from this recipe. […]

Will most definitely have to try this one. Thanks

Helen, thanks for your comment! It’s very basic bread which you can vary as much as you want to. Hope you like it!

I made this last week and it came out perfect! Is there any way this recipe could be tweaked to make it into a personal microwave cake? I like making single servings for myself because it’s too tempting with a whole loaf sitting around!

Hi Adrienne, yes, I think developing single serving should be possible. However, I don’t know if the 1-2-3 ratios can be kept. But I try to work on that.

I just made an experiment, which resulted in quite a nice single serving bread:

1 extra large organic egg
2 oz (60 g) almond flour
3 pinches (3 ml) baking powder

1. Grease a microwave proof cup with softened butter.
2. Beat the egg until fluffy.
3. In a small bowl, mix the almond flour with the baking powder.
4. Fold the flour mixture gently to the beaten egg preferably with a rubber spatula until there are no lumps.
5. Pour the batter in the greased cup.
6. Microwave on high for 2 minutes. Check after one minute and adjust the total time according to your microwave oven.
7. Let cool properly.

I do not like the taste of microwave food. Try your single serving recipe made as a pancake. I find the texture and taste much improved.

Hi, thanks for your comment. Great idea to make a pancake out of the bread dough! I don’t use microwave oven either, but since I was asked to develop a single-serving bread for microwave oven, I developed one :) It’s good to know that the recipe makes also a nice pancake. I have to give a try to that, definitely.

I am new to low carb and was missing bread, so I tried your recipe and I LOVE IT ! I have been searching for seven months on all the low carb forums for bread recipes and tried them all, but none satisfied me as much as yours. I THANK YOU so much for all your efforts in developing this easy, and delicious recipe for the rest of us to enjoy. The only addition I made was to add sesame seeds to the top before baking. I will be making use of all your recipes and will check back often to see what you have added. KUDOS TO YOU !!!


Hi Lena, thanks for trying out the bread recipe and leaving a comment! That’s great news that you liked the bread. I try to keep my recipes simple but tasty.

Hello! May I ask you if some whey protein powder be added to it? Thanks!

Daisy, that sounds like a great idea! I haven’t tried it by myself because I wanted to make this recipe as simple as possible. However, I think protein powder could improve the texture. If you try it, please let me know how it turned out. Actually, I’m planning to bake some bread today so I might try it by myself as well.

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